Loose Leaf Piles

Loose Leaf Piles

Holiday Special Events Leaf Collection Program

Neighborhood program for bulk leaf collection. Application deadline, Sept. 9

The City of Raleigh recognizes that there are long-standing holiday celebrations in some Raleigh communities that engage neighbors in celebration and invite others from outside the neighborhood to join the festivities.  These activities generate increases in vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and an increased need for parking and open, passable sidewalks.

For the 2022-23 loose leaf collection season, the City of Raleigh is offering the Holiday Special Events Leaf Collection to assist with bulk leaf removal,  As bulk leaf collection resources are limited, communities must meet certain requirements to qualify for this program. 

The requirements are listed below, along with instructions for completing the application process.

Qualification Requirements

  • This program seeks to recognize long-established public celebrations. The event must have been in place for five years or more as of January.
  • The event may not be prohibitive in any way, and applicants must demonstrate evidence of the celebration’s availability to the general public.
  • A clearly defined geographical area must be identified that includes a minimum of forty (40) adjacent residential dwelling units.

Submittal Requirements

  • The application deadline is Friday, Sept. 9.
  • A map listing the homes within the defined geographical area must be attached.
  • A clear border of the geographical area must be designated on the map.
  • Documentation (news story, community newsletter, etc.) that establishes the event’s history must be included with the application.
  • Signatures from five event supporters.

Approved applicants will be informed directly of their scheduled pickup times.
Bulk leaf collection will begin around Monday, Nov. 14. More details coming soon!

Should you have questions related to the program, or require assistance with completing the application, please contact the City of Raleigh Transportation Right of Way Manager or the Special Operations Program Manager at 919-996-6446.


Holiday Special Events Leaf Collection application

About Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection

Seasonal Loose Leaf collection is a residential service for citizens living inside the City limits and features two rounds of vacuuming leaf piles placed between the curb and sidewalk. 

Last season crews collected 4,000 loads of leaves estimated at more than 78,000 cubic yards.



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