Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Completed Traffic Calming Projects

Below is a list of all completed traffic calming projects with project scope and year completed.

Alleghany Drive (2014)
Transylvania Drive to Alamance Drive

Baugh Street (2011)
Buffaloe Road to Starmount Drive

Bennett Street (2013)
Glascock Street to Dennis Avenue

Beverly Drive (2012)
Little John Road to Poole Road

Brentwood Road (2021)
Capital Boulevard to New Hope Church Road

Brookside Drive (2011)
Watauga Street to Glascock Street

Cardinal Grove Boulevard (2013)
Cardinal Grove HOA to Kyle Drive

Carlton Drive (2014)
Fox Road to Bentley Circle

Clarks Fork Road (2014)
Haines Creek Lane to Myakka Court

Cranbrook Drive (2014)
Six Forks Road to Shelley Road

Cross Link Road (2021)
Dandridge Drive to Garner Road

Currituck Drive (2020)
Tyrell Road to Lassiter Mill Rd

Dandridge Drive (2014)
Cross Link Road to Bunche Drive

Dartmouth Road (2020)
St Alban’s Drive to Windsor Place

Delany Drive (2014)
Milburnie Road to Glascock Street

E Rowan Street (2011)
Six Forks Road to Lakemont Drive

Edmund Street (2017)
Brookside Drive to Plainview Avenue

Fairview Road (2017)
Glenwood Avenue to Capital Boulevard

Glascock Street (2011)
Wake Forest Road to Norris Street

Glascock Street (2012)
Norris Street to N Raleigh Boulevard

Grantland Drive (2017)
Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard to Belmont Drive

Granville Drive (2017)
Blenwood Avenue to Forsyth Street

Huntleigh Drive (2017)
Capital Boulevard to New Hope Church Road

Johnsdale Road (2014)
Litchford Road to Litchford Road

Kaplan Drive (2011)
Melbourne Road to Kent Street

Lake Boone Trail (2012)
Dixie Trail to Brooks Avenue

Marcom Street (2012)
Stovall Drive to Varsity Drive

Merrie Road (2011)
Merwin Road to Avent Ferry Road

Milburnie Road (2019)
Colleton Road to Chatham Lane

N King Charles Road (2014)
New Bern Avenue to Milburnie Road

Neuse Crossing Drive (2012)
Groveshire Drive to Mitchell Mill Road

Northbrook Drive (2014)
Pamlico Drive to Six Forks Road

Peterson Street (2021 – Pilot Installation)
S. State Street to Garner Road

Pineview Drive (2017)
Avent Ferry Road to Kaplan Drive

Park Drive (2020)
Oberlin Road to St Mary’s Street

Rose Lane (2011)
Poole Road to Maplewood Lane

Rumson Road (2012)
Barksdale Drive to Marlborough Road

S. State Street (2020 – Pilot Installation)
E. Lenoir Street to Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard

Shelley Road (2011)
Six Forks Road to North Hills Drive

Southgate Drive – East (2012)
Star Sapphire Drive to Golden Amber Court

Southgate Drive – West (2012)
Golden Amber Court to Rock Quarry Road

Sycamore Grove Lane (2017)
Townfield Drive to Wakefield Pines Drive

Town and Country Road (2014)
W Millbrook Road to Lead Mine Road

Ujamaa Drive (2017)
Cyrus Street to Waleback Lane

Van Dyke Avenue (2020)
Gardner Street to Oberlin Road

Whitehall Avenue (2014)
Brockton Drive to E Millbrook Road

Wimbleton Drive (2011)
Shelley Road to Shelley Road

Woodburn Road (2020)
Smallwood Drive to Wade Ave



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