Stormwater Inspection & Maintenance Program

A program for engineers, landscape architects, and land surveyors

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This voluntary program is great for professionals who inspect and maintain stormwater devices.

There are more than 2,000 regulated stormwater devices in Raleigh. Each device needs regular maintenance and an annual inspection. The program is an easy way to highlight your services to residents who have stormwater devices on their property.

Benefits for Businesses

  • We'll share your business information with property owners
  • You'll have access to a list of stormwater devices that need maintenance/inspections
  • We'll help you meet best practices and regulatory standards

How To Join

Your application must include:

  1. Documentation of 10 stormwater devices that you have certified or maintained over the last year
  2. Type of work done over the last year
  3. Supporting documentation (like resumes, cover letters, photos journals, and other projects)
  4. For Inspectors Only: provide proof of active, North Carolina professional license as an engineer, surveyor or landscape architect

Training requirements for the application include:

  • Completing the NCSU Stormwater Inspections & Maintenance Certification before applying
  • Submitting a certificate of completion

Applicant Interview

Once the applicant meets the requirements and successfully submits all the required documentation, Raleigh Stormwater staff will schedule and conduct an interview with the applicant. Staff will ask about work and related experiences, stormwater device inspection and maintenance knowledge, understanding of the city inspection & maintenance requirements, and more.

Contact us for the application and for information about the process. Note: This does not replace what's required for the sealed annual inspection report.


To stay in the program, you must:

  1. Inspect each device that you certify
  2. Submit completed inspection reports
  3. Take at least one stormwater training every three years


Here are lists of local, qualified professionals that can provide stormwater device inspection and maintenance services.


Company Name Phone
Bass, Nixon & Kennedy, Inc. Kirby R. Bell, Jr, PE.; David Dunn, PE 919-851-4422
CSD-Engineering John Oglesby, PE 919-624-0997
East Coast Stormwater Inspections James Freeman, PE 919-694-3274
G2 Design, PA Tim Grady, RLA 919-321-0638 or 919-427-3983
Greene Stormwater Group, PLLC Kyle Greene, PE 828-260-1428
Kimley-Horn Aaron Kaatz, PE 919-678-4195
Kris Bass Engineering Kris Bass, PE 919-960-1552
PS Pond Inspections, PLLC Ian Peterson, PE 919-525-5690
Stormwater Management Engineering Dave Brown, PE 919-973-0715
Sungate Design Group, PA Josh Dalton, PE 919-859-2243
Swift Creek Group, PLLC Staci Smith, PE 919-428-0354
Timmons Group Brandon McLamb, PE 919-866-4935
TRC Engineers, Inc. Andrew M. Rodak, PE 919-649-7769

Maintenance Groups

Company Name Phone
Dragonfly Pond Works Andrew Kosydar 984-222-9338
Ecotek Mark Vosberg 919-694-5460
Edge Environmental, Inc. Marc Burke 919-528-6875
Foster Lake and Pond Management David Hargrove 919-772-8548
Keller Environmental, LLC Jay Keller 919-749-8259
Triangle Pond Management Roger Pittman 919-215-7993



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