An in-stream view of Cemetery Branch in Raleigh

Pollution Prevention Week

Spot, Report, and Stop Water Pollution!

Raleigh Stormwater is celebrating Pollution Prevention Week from September 18-22! Each day, we will focus on a pollutant and ways you can help improve water quality.

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Type of Pollution


September 18


Soil, gravel, and other solid materials

September 19


Fertilizer, road salt, and detergent

September 20

Trash and Debris

Plastics, waste, and other debris

September 21


Paints, cleaning detergent, and chlorine

September 22


Pet waste, livestock, and sewer overflows

How to Prevent Water Pollution

  1. If you see pollution or someone illegally dumping litter into the stormwater system, call the Stormwater Helpline at 919-996-3940 or email
  2. Try these six easy tips to prevent pollution and help protect our streams.
  3. Become a volunteer either for a day or on a more long-term basis.

Pollution Examples


A pond with green algae, grass clippings, and other vegetation floating on top of the water.

Bottles, paper, and other trash in a stream.

Vehicle tire and sediment pollution in a creek.

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