Police Field Operations Division

Uniformed officers assigned to the Field Operations Division have the primary purposes of responding to calls for service from citizens and providing preventive patrol for all areas of the city.

The calls for service handled by the officers are generated by Emergency 9-1-1 calls from citizens and from actions initiated by the officers themselves. The first responding officer to a 9-1-1 call is usually from the Field Operations Division.

Officers assigned to this division are responsible for specific geographic "beats" of the city. These beat areas are the foundation for the department's district policing system. These officers patrol the same area every workday. This allows them to identify problem areas and citizen concerns so that proactive strategies can be developed to resolve them. They know any trouble spots and can often identify repeat offenders who live or visit within their district.

Officers begin their career in this division. After receiving their initial training at the Raleigh Police Academy, recruits are assigned to experienced training officers. The recruits expand the basic knowledge obtained from the academy and are eligible for patrol duty after successfully completing field training.

Field Operations personnel carry much of the workload generated by calls for service. In addition, these officers are alert for criminal activity and traffic violations that require immediate enforcement action. Officers work in partnership with citizens to help them make every neighborhood and business area a better place.

Officers frequently initiate special operations that are designed to match the needs of their beats. They also engage in other projects designed to prevent crimes, deter criminal activity, or apprehend known offenders. Additionally, the division's officers are often called upon to work assignments such as the Christmas Parade, First Night Raleigh and other special events.



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