Special Garbage Collection

Collection services available for items not normally picked up by Solid Waste Services

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Special Services

The City of Raleigh offers special collections for various items that are not normally picked up as part of Solid Waste Services' curbside collection.

Free Bulky Load Collection is available for residential customers who have bulky items that can be disposed in the landfill, but are too large to fit in a trash bin. This service is limited to one (1) load of up to four (4) cubic yards, which is equivalent to filling the bed of a standard-sized pickup truck (Dodge Ram), every 90 days. This service is not available to apartment complexes or communities that use a dumpster for garbage collection.

Special Load Collection is available for residential customers who have items that cannot be disposed in the landfill such as large appliances. This service is also available for residential customers who have loads larger than four (4) cubic yards and to apartment complexes and communities that use a dumpster for garbage collection. A fee of $50 for each four (4) cubic yard load is required in order to schedule a pickup.

These services are not available to businesses or commercial entities.

Items placed at the curb prior to scheduling you pickup are subject to administrative fines and civil penalties as specified in Section 7 of the Raleigh City Code.

Free Bulky Load Collection

For Items that can be disposed in the landfill, but will not fit in a garbage bin.

Accepted Items

  • furniture
  • small appliances (microwaves, toasters, hair dryers, etc.)
  • mattresses and box springs
  • lawn equipment
  • similar household items

Non-accepted Items.
Some items may be eligible for the city's Special Load Collection, disposal at a Wake County Solid Waste Management facility or hauled by a private waste hauler.

  • computers / electronics
  • construction / building materials/demolition debris
  • Treated lumber used to make decks, playsets
  • excess bags of garbage
  • large appliances
  • yard waste

Contact Solid Waste Services Customer Service at 919-996-3245 with the following information available:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Daytime phone number
  4. Description of item(s) to be collected
  5. Regular collection day

No more than one (1) four (4) cubic yard load may be scheduled for a specific address in a 90-day period.

    Once your collection has been scheduled, place all items at the curb as Solid Waste Services employees are not allowed to enter your yard to collect items for disposal. Do not place items inside containers that you do not wish to throw away.

      Special Load Collection

      For items such as large appliances, furniture, carpeting, etc. not normally collected by Solid Waste Services or eligible for Free Bulky Load Pick Up.  Call 919-996-3245 for a recorded message with additional information about this service.


      • Place items at the curb, not in the street
      • Place items clear of obstructions such as low-hanging limbs, signs, utility lines, utility poles and utility boxes.
      • Please separate items into like piles (i.e. appliances together, brush all together, etc.).
      • Yard waste must be placed in biodegradable paper bags.
      • Tree limbs do not need to be tied; simply pile them at the curb.
      • Do not place items inside containers you do not wish to throw away.

      Recyclable Items
      When scheduling your collection appointment tell the call center representative if you have recyclable items. The following items should be placed in like piles:

      • Metal items: grills, bikes, bed frames, exercise equipment, lawn mowers (drain gas and oil please)
      • Electronic items: computer equipment, TV and stereo equipment, appliances, any item with a cord

      Non-Accepted Items
      chemicals, car parts, tires
      contractor debris, flooring, paint
      tree limbs longer the 5 feet or wider than 6 inches
      dirt, loose leaves, rocks, tree stumps and rugs

      Payment Information

      $50 for each four (4) cubic yard load must be received before items may be placed at the curb.
      Payment is required before delivery or pickup can be scheduled.
      Customers must be listed on the account and provide the account number for billing purposes.
      Please call 919-996-3245, Monday - Friday; 8:30 am - 5:00 pm to pay
      Once you payment has been received, Solid Waste Services will contact you to schedule your pickup.

      Cancellation Policy
      Special Load Pick Up cancellation is required by 2 pm the day before scheduled collection for a refund.

      Illegal Dumping (COG)

      The City of Raleigh offers COG collection in addition to bulky collection and special load collection services. COG refers to the collection of large items that cannot be tied to a specific address or resident. COG stands for Customer-Oriented Government, and it is ultimately illegal dumping. 

      Remember, it is the responsibility of the property owner to contact a private hauler for move-outs. If a resident moves out and leaves items on the curb, the property owner is responsible for the removal. If the resident receives a utility bill from the City of Raleigh, the City can charge for a special load collection. If the resident does not receive a utility bill from the City of Raleigh, a private hauler will be needed to remove the items. 




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