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MyRaleigh Subscriptions is a free, subscription-based service provided by the City. The City will be able to provide citizens with better service and access to relevant information by proactively delivering new information through email and wireless alerts.

Subscribers may select to receive email or text message notifications about a variety of City topics. The 100+ topics cover a wide range of information types, such as:

alerts | newsletters | meeting agendas |news release | event information
crime alerts | project updates | service notices | recreation information

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    Getting Started

    Look for "MyRaleigh Subscriptions" to sign up. Sign up opportunities are available across many of our web pages.

    Sign up using one of the following methods:

    • email address
    • wireless number for text messages
    • Facebook account
    • Google account
    • Yahoo account

    If you wish to have an email subscription and a wireless subscription, just sign up twice, once with your email and once with your wireless number.

    Selecting Your Subscriptions

    If you are signing up from one of the website landing pages, you will be presented with a list of available topics. The topic list is organized by folders and can be expanded in some areas to see more topics.

    Check a topic to subscribe.

    The blue 'i' provides description information. Positioning your cursor on the 'i' displays the description.

    If you are signing up using a wireless number, you will see a smaller list. Not every topic is suitable for text messages. Topics available for wireless communications are designated with an small, black wireless icon to the right of the topic name.

    Answering Questions

    Everyone who signs up will be asked for their zip code. Providing this information will only enhance the service. Staff will be able to communicate specifically with certain zip codes on each topic, if the need arises. The zip code information will also be useful during emergency situations when communicating to a certain geographic area is necessary.

    The zip codes only cover the Raleigh service area, which includes other cities serviced by Public Utilities. You can select one or more zip codes (home, work, school, etc).

    Some topics will have additional questions. The answers to these questions will help staff communicate directly with subscribers who need the information.



    You will be notified of successful sign up by way of the subscription method (email, text message, etc).

    Email communications from MyRaleigh Subscriptions will come from email accounts ending with "".

    All email communications will have a link to manage your MyRaleigh Subscriptions, but you can also manage your subscriptions by revisiting the Sign Up process on this website at any time.


    Privacy Policy

    All electronic communications with the City of Raleigh are subject to the requirements of North Carolina public records law. While it is the policy of the City of Raleigh to not provide copies of electronic mail lists of individual subscribers, state law classifies these lists as public records and the City must make them available for inspection upon request.




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