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Services Based on Address

The MyRaleigh Services tool helps you determine which districts, locations and service days apply to your neighborhood for addresses located inside of the Raleigh city limits.

Enter your address to find your CAC district. For best results, click on the auto-populated address that appears as you type.

One Stop To Find Your Services

To determine the information applicable to your address:

  1. Enter your address starting with your house number.
  2. As you begin to type your address, a list of addresses will appear.
  3. Select your address.
  4. Community (Council Representative, CAC, Police District), Elections, Environmental, Leaf Collection, Recreation District and Solid Waste (Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste) information will be displayed. 
  5. Scroll to locate the needed information.


Find Your Services by Address
Enter your address (in Raleigh city limits) for services information. For best results, click on your address that appears as you type.


Or, if you're looking for something specific, look below to go right to it.

      Community Information

          City Council Information
          Determine which City Council district serves your address and find biographical information your City Council Member

          Police Districts
          Determine which of Raleigh's six Police Districts serves your address.

                Elections Information

                Determine the polling place and voting precinct that have been assigned to your address by the Wake County Board of Elections.

                Environmental Information

                Drainage Basin
                Learn which drainage basin stormwater goes to after leaving your property.

                Leaf Collection Zones

                Learn which week to rake your leaves to the curb during Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection.

                Recreation District

                Find out which youth athletic district has been assigned to your address.

                Solid Waste Services Information

                Determine your GarbageRecycling and Yard Waste collection days and the routes that serve your address. Garbage and Yard Waste are picked up on the same day every week, while Recycling is picked up every other week. Your address will be assigned "A" or "B" week for Recycling. Visit the Service Schedule to find your service day and to download the latest recycling calendars.

                Routes may change due to holidays or weather events. Check Holiday Collection Schedules for the most current information.

                More Information Beyond City Limits

                Location-based information, including property information, for addresses located outside of the Raleigh city limits is available on iMAPS, the online mapping service for Raleigh and Wake County.




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