Police Detective Division

The Detective Division conducts criminal follow-up investigations and initiates investigations involving vice, drugs, gangs, cyber crime, organized crime, and other criminal activities and threats. 

Detectives work independently and with other detectives to employ investigative techniques and strategies to identify suspects and make arrests. They handle a broad spectrum of criminal cases, including such major crimes as assaults, burglaries, larcenies, and robberies. They frequently utilize crime analysts who are equipped with modern technology that allows them to closely monitor criminal activity for early signs of crime patterns and trends. Detectives will also work in close partnership with the community to identify and arrest offenders. 

Detective units include:

  • Aggravated Assault Unit;
  • Burglary Unit;
  • Career Criminal Unit;
  • Drugs & Vice Unit;
  • Fugitive Unit;
  • Financial Crimes Unit;
  • Gang Suppression Unit;
  • Homicide Unit;
  • Intelligence Unit;
  • Robbery Unit; and,
  • Technical Assistance Response Unit.

Detective units are led by a Sergeant and fall under divisions, including property and personal crime. These divisions are led by a Captain who oversees Lieutenant's assigned to each division. 




Major Derek Ford

Captain Eric Goodwin

Captain Timothy Tomczak


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