Fire Department Mission, Vision, and Diversity Statement

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Mission Vision Diversity Statement


Our mission is to serve the City of Raleigh with the highest level of customer service through excellence in public safety and community engagement.


To be an industry leader serving a progressive community through education, training, effective communication, health and safety, and superior customer service.

Diversity Statement

Definition - As understood in the workplace today, diversity implies differences in people based on their identifications with various groups.  Diversity involves the process of acknowledging differences through action and going beyond one's comfort zone to be inclusive of all. In organizations, this means developing a variety of initiatives at both the management and organizational levels and at the interpersonal levels.

Vision - The continued excellence of the Raleigh Fire Department is largely dependent upon the ability to attract, develop, and retain highly skilled, talented, and motivated members. An essential element in maintaining this quality of service is the recognition of the value of a diverse work force. Characteristics such as: age, culture, ethnicity, gender, race, religious preference, sexual orientation, and the expression of unique philosophies and ideas provide the opportunity to better understand each other. This understanding strengthens the efficiency and productivity of the Raleigh Fire Department, whose primary objective is to provide excellent service to a diverse community.

Mission- The mission of the Raleigh Fire Department is to maintain its high standard of excellence by attaining and fostering a diverse work force. This is accomplished by reaching the following goals:

Goals - The goals of the Raleigh Fire Department with regard to diversity are:

  • Uphold all federal, state, and local laws, and the Raleigh Fire Department's rules and regulations regarding employment.
  • Attract and retain qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds who are committed to the continued excellence of the Raleigh Fire Department.
  • Achieve and accept a diverse work force in terms of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, race, religious preference, sexual orientation, and the expression of unique philosophies and ideas.
  • Provide all employees the opportunity for development and growth at every rank in the Raleigh Fire Department.
  • Expect that all employees will treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of perceived differences.




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