Fire Recruit Physical Agility Test

Part of the Raleigh Firefighter Application Process

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Overview of Physical Agility Test Video Examples of Each Agility Test

In order to be considered for selection, firefighter applicants must pass the physical agility test (PAT).  This test consists of a series of physical tasks, such as running and doing push-ups and pull-ups.

Applicants are advised to prepare for the agility test for purposes of safety as well as to enhance their chance for a higher score.  With adequate preparation, the average healthy, fit individual should be able to complete the test safely and satisfactorily. During testing, all procedures will be explained in detail and demonstrated if necessary.

Overview of Physical Agility Test

Recruit Physical Agility Test

Video Examples of Each Agility Test

Beep Test

Minimum: Level 5-9
Practice the Beep Test

Push-up Test

Minimum: 15 push ups in 2 minutes 

Pull-up Test

Minimum: 1 pull up

Plank Test

Minimum: Hold plank for 1 minute 15 seconds 

Sandbag Test

Minimum: Completion of task

Step-up Test

Minimum: 100 step ups in under 5 minutes

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