Raleigh police chief with skyline behind her

RPD, Highway Patrol Join Forces to Save Lives, Reduce Collisions

The Raleigh Police Department and the North Carolina State Highway Patrol are joining forces to save lives and reduce traffic collisions in Raleigh and the surrounding areas this holiday season. Their work will focus on speed reduction through awareness and their presence and enforcement efforts.  

“This partnership is a display of our commitment to all who will be traveling on our roadways this holiday season,” says Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson in a new video. “We are committed to do all we can to make sure you spend the holidays with family and friends and not dealing with the aftermath of what are often preventable tragedies.”

Speeding continues to be a risk to public safety and increases the likelihood of serious injury and death in motor vehicle collisions, adds Colonel Freddy Johnson, commander of the Highway Patrol. 

In 2021 across North Carolina, 423 lives were lost in collisions that speed was shown to be a contributing factor. “We must collectively do better; the consequences are too great,” Johnson says.


RPD, Highway Patrol Join Forces to Save Lives, Reduce Collisions






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