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Help Name the Alternative Response Program

Residents can help name this program

CARES, SCORE, SAFE, or something else – what will it be? The City’s alternative response program needs a name, and you can help! Vote on your favorite option from a list of names or submit your own suggestion.  The City wants the program and its name to be a reflection of our community and coming up with a name is yet another way for our residents to be involved in this effort.

Over the past four months, the City has held several outreach opportunities to gather community feedback on what residents would want to see in this program. Community members also had a chance to suggest names for the program. The most common names suggested included:

  • CARES (Crisis Alternative Response for Escalation and Support)
  • SCORE (Supportive and Caring Opportunities for Responding to Emergencies)
  • SAFE (Serving All First Encounters)
  • REACT (Raleigh’s Empathetic Action Coalition for Tomorrow)

To let us know which one of these names you prefer or to suggest your own name, fill out this form by June 7. 

We’ll publish  the program’s name  soon! 



Lance Shinholser
Community Relations Analyst

Lead Department:
Community Engagement