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Hiring Process FAQs about hiring a Raleigh Police Officer
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The City of Raleigh has elected to permit employees of the Raleigh Police Department to engage in secondary employment and extra-duty employment outside of an employee’s normal City work hours.

Permitting RPD employees to engage in secondary employment and extra-duty employment enhances the safety and security of the community at large through the increased presence of law enforcement officers.

Hiring Process

Raleigh police officers do not arrange their own "off duty jobs." All job requests are screened and assigned by the Raleigh Police Department.

If you are a business or individual within the City of Raleigh who desire to hire off-duty police officers for an event or other circumstance, we encourage you to review the Instruction to Employers, Contract for Secondary Employment of Raleigh Police as well as example of Certificate of Insurance.

Please contact the Secondary Employment Office well in advance of the date of anticipated security needs. Email general inquiries or you may also contact Sgt. Solomon Muriithi at 919-996-1140 during business hours.

FAQs about hiring a Raleigh Police Officer

Q: What is the pay rate to hire an off-duty officer?

A: The pay rate for an off-duty officer is a minimum of $35.00 per hour, and the minimum length of a shift is three hours. A supervisor may be required due to the nature of the assignment or the number of officers working at the job site. 

Q: How many contracts do I need for an event that requires several officers?

A: Individual contracts must be prepared for each officer hired (e.g. if two officers are to be hired, then two contracts are needed, three officers hired then three contracts, etc.)

Q: Do officers use their marked patrol car for off-duty jobs?

A: Employers may have a marked patrol car parked at their business for $25.00 per 12-hr. shift (unfortunately, we may not pro-rate this for a shorter duration). Or, a patrol car may be hired for traffic control purposes for $150.00 per 12-hr. shift. Vehicles used in this capacity for periods of less than six hours will be billed at the rate of $25.00 per hour.

Q: Can I pay officers with cash at the end of the event?

A: Officers may not receive cash and must be paid by check that is redeemable at a financial institution for the job assignment. If a vehicle is used for the assignment, a separate invoice will be sent for payment to be made to the City.

Q: Will officers hired be in uniform or plainclothes?

A: For virtually every assignment, officers will be required to be in full uniform and duty equipment. Only in exceptional circumstances, and with prior approval of the Chief of Police, can an officer work an assignment in plainclothes.

Q:  Is there a minimum time amount needed to arrange for an officer to work?

A: While there is no rule, it is strongly suggested that a minimum of two weeks’ notice to the Secondary Employment Office is given regarding any off-duty needs. Adequate time is needed to obtain and review contracts & Certificates of Insurance and advertise the job to the pool of officers. This office does not guarantee that positions will be filled.





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