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Prior to submitting a bid on real estate property available for sale by the City of Raleigh, it is important for the bidder to thoroughly research the property. The City of Raleigh makes no representations as to unforeseen encumbrances on the property or exact property boundaries. Properties are sold "as is." It is up to the bidder to investigate the property for all liens, judgments, taxes, assessments, or other encumbrances that would attach to the property (including any possible encumbrance(s) by the City of Raleigh).

The City recommends that you consider retaining an attorney to do the research and provide you with a title opinion. It is also the responsibility of the bidder to verify the property with regard to size, zoning, development potential, structural and mechanical, plumbing integrity, etc., to the extent the bidder is satisfied and understands what is being acquired. The City of Raleigh is not responsible for the accuracy of any information provided from these links. The following links are for informational purposes only, and are provided to assist in the research of a property.

The City recommends having a survey done to verify lot size.

  • Wake County Tax Assessor - Provides tax value, lot size, zoning, etc.
  • Wake County Register of Deeds Books - Locates the deed to the property and determines possible liens or encumbrances that may attach to the property
  • City of Raleigh Assessments - Search for any assessments the City of Raleigh has placed against a property. These lists are provided for informational purposes only and are valid as of the date indicated on the lists. Updated lists are posted daily; however, recent changes to the Tax ID Number, Property Ownership, and Assessment Location Address may not be reflected. To confirm information, assessment status, and payment amounts, contact the City of Raleigh Revenue Services at 919-996-3200.
  • Zoning - Permitted uses for a particular zoning code. For questions regarding what can be built on a property (Zoning and land use restrictions), contact: Planning at 919-996-2682 - OR - Zoning Enforcement at 919-996-2475.
  • iMAPS - GIS maps of the property, including aerial views.
  • Flood Maps - This webpage provides information to determine if property is in a flood zone.

Civil liens and cases filed in the Clerk of Superior Court Office can be investigated on computer terminals currently located at the Wake County Register of Deeds Office or on the 11th and 12th floor of the Wake County Courthouse:

  • Civil Division (11th Floor of the Wake County Courthouse)
  • Special Proceedings (12th Floor of the Wake County Courthouse)
  • Estates Division (12th Floor of the Wake County Courthouse)
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