Dead end of Winchester Drive


Winchester Drive Extension Project

Improving mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic

The City extended Winchester Drive. 

The project extended Winchester Drive from the Kodiak Drive intersection to Panther Branch Drive. 

The roadway section includes sidewalks, street trees, and streetlights on both sides of Winchester Drive. 

This extension eliminated an existing gap along Winchester Drive, between Kodiak Drive and Paula Ann Court allowing for improved local access and connectivity.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
Carolina Sunrock



Project Manager
Lee Mai

Division Manager
Sylvester Percival, PE

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Participating Department:
Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction




The final design plans are complete.



Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The contractor is installing curb and gutter and then will complete pavement operations along the new road in the coming weeks.  

The Construction Team

We advertised the project for construction bids in late 2022. City Council awarded the construction contract to Carolina Sunrock during the Jan. 3, 2023 City Council Meeting. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The project is complete and the new section of Winchester Drive is open to the public. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Date Activity
February 2021 Design Starts
September 2021 Design Public Touchpoint
Late 2022 Advertise for Construction
Spring 2023 Construction Starts
December 2023 Project Completed

Public Engagement 

In fall 2021, we had a Virtual Open House  where we showed the plans for the extension of Winchester Road.

During the open house we held two virtual live Q&A sessions. Those sessions are recorded and are posted in the video section of this page. 

Open House Videos 

View a video about the project design. We also recorded the two live Q&A sessions and the recording are posted here as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of development is being built? What can you tell us about the developer?

Frank R Anderson Realty / Sir Walter Chevrolet is building a new vehicle storage lot at the corner of Kodiak Drive and Winchester Drive. The Sir Walter Chevrolet site was initially approved in two phases with the first being the existing structure west of Kodiak Drive built in the early 1990s. The second phase was for the new development east of Kodiak Drive which is beginning now. The access to and from the new vehicle storage lot will be on Kodiak Drive.

Will there be increased traffic to adjacent neighborhoods?

These new improvements are intended to increase local access for all residents in the adjacent neighborhoods. Due to the existing street network, it not anticipated there would be an increase in cut through traffic through residential streets outside of residents already living in the neighborhood.

Will Winchester Drive be extended further?

Winchester Drive was initially proposed to be a parallel collector street from Ebenezer Church Road to Fleetwood as part of the US 70 Corridor Plan in 1991. The City’s Street Plan shows Winchester Drive as a two-lane undivided avenue being extended to Westborough Drive which aligns with NCDOT’s planned improvements to US 70/Glenwood Avenue (U-2823) as shown in NCDOT’s 2020-2029 State Transportation Improvement Program. At this time, there are no additional construction projects currently planned to extend Winchester Drive between Paula Ann Ct and Westborough.To date, the existing segments of Winchester Drive including the proposed improvements have been either constructed independently or as public/private partnerships.

a map that shows the location of the project limits

The project will extend Winchester Drive from the Kodiak Drive intersection and connect to the existing Winchester dead end east of Panther Branch Drive.


The project is shown in NCDOT’s 2020-2029 State Transportation Improvement Program as part of the planned improvements to US 70 (Glenwood Avenue) from I-540 to Hilburn Drive (STIP Project U-2823), which includes connecting the segmented portions of Winchester Drive from Ebenezer Church Road to Fleetwood Drive.

The City of Raleigh and a private developer began working on a Cost Share Agreement in 2019 to extend Winchester Drive as part of the development at the northeast corner of Kodiak Drive and Winchester Drive. The agreement was executed in November of 2020.

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