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Lake Lynn Loop Trail


The Lake Lynn Loop Trail is located in northwest Raleigh and connects the Lake Lynn Community Center to Lynn Road. This project includes improvements to Lake Lynn Trail Loop along the west side of the loop trail which is part of the Hare Snipe Creek Trail that extends from Ray Road to Wooten Meadow ParkImprovements to include the rehabilitation of the trail including a new base, new asphalt surface, trail widening, grading and drainage enhancements, improved access to and from adjacent communities, pavement markings, and pedestrian bridge replacement.

Project Timeline: 2023-2026

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Project Lead:
Engineering Services, Roadway Design and Construction



Raleigh Parks
Planning and Public Engagement
David Bender, Engineer

Engineering Services
Design and Construction
Kelly Ham, Engineering Manager

Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
Participating Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:




Current Phase: Planning

Timeline: 2023-2024

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