Wooden bridge between the trees with a view of an athletic field in the background

Brentwood Park

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Center Programs Courts Fields Playgrounds Rentals (Classrooms and Picnic Shelters)

Park Managed by: Green Road

Year 1970 | Acres 19.2

Brentwood Park and Neighborhood Center is an unstaffed facility that is only open during rentals and/or during other events and classes taking place.

Proposed park bond project at this location

The Brentwood Park Improvements project is currently in design phase.




3315 Vinson Court
Raleigh, NC 27604


2 outdoor basketball courts on a concrete surface.

2 tennis courts with lighting from dusk until 10 p.m. No backboards


  • Youth Baseball Field is located in the back of the park near the tennis courts. It has lighting and distance is 185 ft.
  • Multipurpose Field is located next to the neighborhood center and picnic shelter.
  • Open Space is right as you drive into the park.


Playground equipment is built for children ages 2-12 with slides, climbing structures and monkey bars. 

Rentals (Classrooms and Picnic Shelters)

Name Capacity Cost Per Hour Features Features Cont'd
Meeting Space 99 (60 w/chairs) $75/hour fireplace sliding doors leading to outside
Warming Kitchen Included in rental fee of the entire center refrigerator, stove and sink Food may be warmed in the stove but not made from scratch in the kitchen
Picnic Shelter 60-100 $12/hr 9 tables,1 grill No electricity