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What happens when you want to make revisions to plans after permits are issued?

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Before Submitting an Application Prepare Application Materials Submittal Instructions Paying fees

The plan revision process applies when changes to a project occur after the City has issued permits. Plan revision can occur for both residential and non-residential projects and sometimes referred to as field revisions.

Before Submitting an Application

There are a few important things to review prior to submitting your application:

  1. The project contact MUST contact the appropriate field inspector to confirm a plan revision is required and obtain the inspector's approval.
  2. To avoid delays, please follow the below instructions carefully. Be sure to submit your project to the correct email address.

Prepare Application Materials

The below application forms and supporting documents are required for this project type:

  1. Plan Revision application (with inspector signature).
  2. PDF copy of just the revised drawings.
  3. Additional documents may be requested.


Submittal Instructions

At this step, your application materials should be ready to assemble. Please take note of the instructions below, applications that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted:

  1. Only PDF file types will be accepted unless other file types (such as image, Excel, or CAD) are specifically called for as part of the application submittal process.
  2. .ZIP files are not allowed.
  3. Only one file should be associated with each discrete document included with the application package. For example, if an application requires 1) an application form, 2) a set of plans, and 3) a calculation report, the applicant should transmit these as three separate files.
  4. City of Raleigh limits email attachments to 30 MB. To send larger files, you may send a file-sharing link (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) to a folder with all required documents. Staff must be given direct access to your files and cannot accept links that require access codes, passwords, or logins.
  5. All PDF sheets must be the same size.

Tips for Submitting Plan Revision PDF Files:

  1. Submit one PDF file containing a plan revision application.
  2. Submit one PDF file containing revised drawings.
  3. Submit one PDF file or file folder with all other supporting documents.

All application forms and supporting documents listed above must be attached as PDFs. For commercial projects send a PDF of the entire application packet (with all documents) to For residential projects send a PDF of the entire application packet (with all documents) to

Paying fees

Plan revision review fees are applied by the hour, per trade, per review cycle.

The Development Fee Guide provides a detailed list of specific development fees.

  • It is recommended that fees be paid via the Permit Portal.
  • All major credit cards and eCheck payments are accepted.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Customer Service Center.

A  fee calculator may be used to obtain an estimate of some building and trade permit fees.



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