Failing an Inspection: Residential Projects

The top reasons residential inspections are rejected for each trade.

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There are a number of reasons that inspections can fail during a project. Our inspectors have compiled a list of the most common reasons they reject an inspection for each trade. 

Building Trade

  1. Smoke and CO detectors missing or improperly placed.
  2. Windows within 24” of floor with an exterior fall of more than 6’ – window needs fall protection device (aka – Child safety locks).
  3. King stud count improper at headers openings
  4. Uplift requirements not met for structural members (exterior porches, roof trusses, etc)
  5. City of Raleigh stamped plan set not on site.
  6. Framing details not met for Portal Framing details
  7. Anchor bolts missing / improperly spaced / wrong size
  8. Missing Air Barriers
  9. Missing Tempered Glass in Hazardous Locations
  10. Missing Fire/Draft stopping

Electrical Trade

  1. Improper over current protection device in place for appliances
  2. Sub-panel ground and neutral not separated
  3. Cannot Locate ground rods
  4. Missing support on four gang boxes and larger
  5. Prohibited Location of Fixtures in baths and closets
  6. Missing kitchen island receptacles
  7. Missing box spacers and backsplashes
  8. Missing CFCI and AFCI required circuits
  9. Not identifying and labeling breakers in panels

Mechanical Trade

  1. Gas Piping (gas test, nail plate protection, regulator installed incorrectly)
  2. Accessibility (no one home, access to equipment for service or removal)
  3. Clearances to Equipment (from combustibles, accessibility)
  4. Dryer Vent Requirements (size, length, sealed joints)
  5. Gas Vents (supports, clearances to combustibles, termination location)
  6. Drain Lines (termination location, sealed joints, traps, slope)
  7. Installation Instruction (missing, not installed per instructions)
  8. Exhaust (fans missing, size, clearances, termination location)
  9. Duct Leakage Report (missing, not posted properly, wrong information)
  10. Combustion Air (missing, size, termination location)
  11. Smoke and CO detectors missing or improperly placed.
  12. Mechanical equipment needs to be labeled to match the label indicated from the electrical source.
  13. Improper over current protection device in place for Appliances
  14. Duct Leakage report not completed on HVAC duct work replacements

Plumbing Trade

  1. Nobody answers door
  2. No test on DWV & or Water Service/Distribution
  3. Underground pipes not bedded
  4. Tracer Wire on PVC building sewer
  5. Venting is reverse pitched
  6. Hangers/Supports
  7. Water Heater Pan Drains/Thermal Expansion Control
  8. Cutting & Notching
  9. Shower Membranes not tested
  10. Nail Plates/Not ready for inspection





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