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Step One: Submit the Inspection Zoning Compliance Form Step Two: Application Review + Payment Step Three: Scheduling inspections Step Four: Raleigh Police Department

To obtain an ABC license for a business, you must meet all requirements from the NC ABC Commission and apply for an ABC permit.

If your business is in the City of Raleigh, please follow the steps below in order to successfully process your ABC license application.

Step One: Submit the Inspection Zoning Compliance Form

While most of what's required will need to be submitted to the state, the City of Raleigh Planning and Development Department needs you (the applicant) to complete only Section A from the Inspection Zoning Compliance Form and submit it by email to

Step Two: Application Review + Payment

Zoning staff from the City of Raleigh will review your application to confirm your business address is zoned for the intended use.

Once Zoning has approved the application, all fees will need to be paid for the City of Raleigh permit:

To make your payment and track the progress of your application online: go to the Permit and Development Portal.

To make your payment over the phone: Please call 919-996-2500.

Step Three: Scheduling inspections

Once payment has been made, please contact Jim Thompson. He will schedule your inspection and coordinate with the Fire Marshal so that both the required building and fire inspections can happen simultaneously. Inspections will be done on-site once construction activities are completed. 

Step Four: Raleigh Police Department

Once you have passed all inspections, a digital copy of the form will be sent to the Police Department who will complete the processing of the application.

RPD will process background checks, local opinion forms, etc. Should you need to contact them, please call 919-996-5130.

Once all required approvals from the City are complete, the client will be contacted by RPD to obtain their approval packet to take to the NC ABC Commission.



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