Dix Park with downtown view

Dix Park with downtown view

The Dix Park Community Committee

The Dix Park Community Committee is an advisory committee designed to represent the diversity of the community and bring a broad range of experiences and expertise to the Dorothea Dix Park project. This committee provides guidance and recommendation to the Dix Park Leadership Committee on matters related to park development, programming, and engagement. The management of the Community Committee is led by City staff with support of the Dix Park Conservancy.

The committee meets quarterly, and is composed of around 40 community members.

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Agenda and Minutes
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Jacquie Ayala
Sonia Barnes
Danny Bell
Kerry Bird
Ariel Bushel
Walter Cole 
Heather Curtis
Sean Fernandes
Brent Francese
Simone Frank
Andrew Franklin
Jenny Harper
Ebony Haywood 
Myrick Howard
John Johnston
Carly Jones
Aly Khalifa
Bill King
Jai Kumar
Charles Leffler
Lyana Matonti
Stephanie Moss
Nick Neptune
Shana Overdorf
Bill Padgett
John Parker
Dolores Paylor
Charles Phaneuf
Sarah Reeves
Eric Regensburger
Michael Ripley
Carol Rogers
William Ross
Cecilia Saloni
Amy Simes
Taylor Smith
Ashton Smith
Caleb Stephens
Arnurcy Turner
Larry Zucchino

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