large oak tree in nash square

Nash Square Oak Tree Removal

On April 24th, an inspection and Tree Risk Assessment was conducted by the Urban Forestry Division’s ISA Certified Arborists on the large white oak in the southeastern section of Nash Square.

The City has been conducting inspections on this tree over the past 10 years to monitor structural defects. The oak has a large vertical crack in the trunk that can compromise the tree's structural integrity. Several attempts have been made to prolong the stability and viability of this tree including adding horizontal bolts and conducting pruning to reduce the weight on the trunk. In spite of these efforts, the crack has continued to expand and widen. Based to the condition of the tree and its location in a high-traffic area, City of Raleigh Urban Forestry staff has made the difficult decision to remove the tree due to the potential safety risk to visitors and nearby infrastructure. 

The removal will be conducted as soon as possible, likely within the next two weeks. City staff will work to ensure the safe removal of the tree while minimizing the disruption to the park and surrounding area. The City of Raleigh values it’s trees and the Urban Forestry team works hard to maintain a diverse and healthy urban forest following best industry practices and the International Society of Arboriculture recommendations. The safety of Raleigh's residents and visitors is a top priority.

Staff Resource: Zach Manor, Urban Forester, Raleigh Parks



Nash Square
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