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Free Curbside Grease Collection Through the Holidays

Keep grease out of the drain to protect our water system

Household Seasonal Grease Collection Nov. 1 Through Jan. 13

Just in time for the holidays, Raleigh provides its annual cooking oil and grease collection program. This free service helps keep grease out of the sink to prevent sewer overflows.

Seasonal grease collection runs from Nov. 1 through Jan. 13, 2024. Raleigh residents can call 919-996-3245 to schedule a collection date. Places of worship in Raleigh can also participate in the program at no charge. Collected grease is recycled for other uses.

Commercial establishments in Raleigh are not eligible for the service. You can always recycle your household cooking oil and grease at a Wake County Multi-Material Recycling Facility. Visit for more information.

Take two easy steps to schedule curbside grease collection: 

  1. Raleigh residents and places of worship may dispose of used cooking grease and cooking oil free of charge by calling 919-996-3245 to schedule a pickup. Grease collection will be on the same day as your regular garbage pick-up.
  2. Used cooking grease should be placed in clear plastic containers, sealed, and labeled “used cooking oil” before being placed curbside by 7:30 a.m. on garbage pickup day. 

Why it matters

Please help us keep grease out of the drain! Pouring fats, oils and grease down the drain is a top cause of sewer overflows. When people dispose of cooking oil and other fats in sinks and toilets it enters the sewer system and can cling to pipes and congeal with other waste not meant to be flushed, like wipes and diapers. So-called “fatbergs” form, blocking pipes and causing sewer overflows.

Grease collected from Raleigh residents and places of worship will be converted to biofuels, a renewable energy source used to power vehicles, heat homes, and cook food.

The program is offered during the holiday season when households generate more cooking grease. To schedule a grease collection, contact the City’s Customer Care Center at 919-996-3245 and select Option 2. 

Holiday Grease Collection



To schedule a grease collection:
Call 919-996-3245 

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Solid Waste Services
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