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Special Garbage Collection

Collection services available for items not normally picked up by Solid Waste Services

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Free vs. Fee-Based Pickup Acceptable Items Request Free Bulky Load, Special Load, or E-waste Collection Preparing for Collection Fines and Penalties Items Never Collected by the City Don't Want to Wait?

The City of Raleigh offers special collections for various items like furniture and appliances that are not normally picked up as part of curbside service for residential customers.

  • Free Bulky Load Collection is for items that can go in the landfill but do not fit in the garbage cart. NOTE: Some items may be eligible for the city's Special Load Collection, disposal at a Wake County Solid Waste Management facility or hauled by a private waste hauler.
  • Special Load Collection is for large items like appliances and furniture that are not eligible for Free Bulky Load pickup. There is a $50 charge for every 4 cubic yards which is approximately the size of four standard-size washing machines or two refrigerators.

Find details about what's accepted, how to prepare it, and how to schedule a pickup on this page

Free vs. Fee-Based Pickup

To schedule a pickup, call Customer Support at 919-996-3245. Whether you will be charged a fee will be based on the type of items collected, load size, and whether you live in a single-family home or apartment complex. 

By Type Free Bulky Load Fee-Based, Special Load Collection Electronics (e-Waste)
What's collected? Bulky items that can be disposed in the landfill, but are too large to fit in a garbage cart (furniture, lawn equipment, household goods, etc.) 
 Yard waste, furniture, large household appliances, metals, excess bags of garbage, etc.e-Waste includes any small household electronic item with a plug. Items like computer monitors, TVs, toasters, microwaves, lamps, vacuum cleaners, etc. 
What's not accepted?Yard Waste, electronic recycling (e-waste), and items small enough to fit inside the garbage cart. See the full list in the sections below.Chemicals, car parts, carpeting, and electronic recycling. See the full list in the sections below. TVs or computer monitors with broken screens (these would be considered Bulky or Special). 
Load amountMaximum of one load of up to four cubic yards.
Fee is applied for each four cubic yard load. Every 15 bags of garbage or yard waste adds an additional $50 fee.Maximum of 4 electronic items per week.
CostFree (for one load up to 4 cubic yards) every 90 days
A fee of $50 for each four cubic yard load is required in order to schedule a pickup.
Refund: To receive a refund, order must be canceled before 2 p.m. the day before the scheduled collection.
Free (up to 4 items)
Who can request?Some residential customers like single-family homes. Not available to apartment complexes or communities that use a dumpster for garbage collection. All residential customers including apartments and complexes. These services are not available to businesses or commercial entities.Some residential customers like single-family homes. Not available to apartment complexes or communities that use a dumpster for garbage collection. 

Items placed at the curb prior to scheduling your pickup are subject to administrative fines and civil penalties as specified in Section 7 of the Raleigh City Code.

Acceptable Items

Acceptable Items for Special Collections
ItemFree Bulky LoadFee-Based, Special Load CollectioneWaste
Lawn mowers and lawn appliancesXX 
Household items too large for garbage cartXX 
Bicycles (no tires) XX 
Mattresses and box springsXX 
Furniture (couches, love seats, recliners, etc.)XX 
Damaged televisions with broken screens XX 
Area rugsXX 
Excess garbage bags (15 bags per load)  X 
White goods (refrigerators, mini-refrigerators, rangers, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.) X 
Large exercise equipment (treadmills, row machines, etc.)  X 
Household electronic items   X


Please Note: The City will no longer be accepting recyclable cardboard in Bulky Load or Special Load. In accordance with the City of Raleigh’s sustainability goal to reduce City-wide greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050 , we encourage all customers to recycle cardboard materials in their curbside cart or at a designated drop-off site.

We accept most kinds of cardboard for recycling. Corrugated cardboard (shipping-type boxes) are recyclable. For Solid Waste Services to collect cardboard, it must be prepared according to following guidelines:

  • Flatten completely.
  • Remove all packing material, including any foam liners.
  • Reduce to pieces no larger than 3' x 3' in size.
  • Place pieces inside the recycling cart.

Request Free Bulky Load, Special Load, or E-waste Collection

How it Works

  1. The account holder contacts Solid Waste Services at 919-996-3245. Caller will be required to provide their name, property address, daytime phone number, and a description of item(s) to be collected. The information provided will help determine the collection type (Bulky Load, Special Load, E-waste) 
  2. For Special Load Collection, pay a fee of $50 for each four (4) cubic yard load. The fee must be received before items may be placed at the curb.
  3. Put it out on your regular collection day by 7 a.m. (by 6 a.m. during summer months). Place items at the curb, not in the street. No bulky collection in alleyways, all items must be on a main street.
  4. Cancellation must occur by 2 p.m. the day before the scheduled pickup or you will forfeit your free Bulky Load Collection and must wait 90 days to reschedule.

Note: One complimentary Bulky Load collection may be scheduled, per property address, in a 90-day period. 

Preparing for Collection


  • Place items at the curb, not in the street
  • Be sure items are clear of obstructions such as vehicles; low-hanging limbs; signs; or utility poles, lines, and boxes. Our trucks are unable to collect obstructed items and our crews are unable to ask that vehicles be moved. We need clearance to do our job. 
  • Place items on main street in front of residence. We cannot collect from alleyways. Townhome residents should place items at the end of a parking space, farthest from curb, buildings or mailboxes.
  • Do not place items inside containers that you do not wish to throw away.  

Please note: It is important that items are properly prepared so that staff may safely provide this service. If the Bulky Load is not prepared based on the above guidelines, we may be unable to collect the load. Should this occur, a notification of improper preparation will be left and a Special Load ($50 fee) will be required for staff to return to the residence for collection. You can call 919-996-3245 to schedule a Special Load. 

Fines and Penalties

The City of Raleigh offers COG collection in addition to bulky collection and special load collection services. COG refers to the collection of large items that cannot be tied to a specific address or resident. COG stands for Customer-Oriented Government, and it is ultimately illegal dumping. 

Remember, it is the responsibility of the property owner to contact a private hauler for move-outs. If a resident moves out and leaves items on the curb, the property owner is responsible for the removal. If the resident receives a utility bill from the City of Raleigh, the City can charge for a special load collection. If the resident does not receive a utility bill from the City of Raleigh, a private hauler will be needed to remove the items.

Items Never Collected by the City

The following items should never be placed for collection at the curb - the City will not pick these up:

  • Cardboard boxes (except boxes properly prepared and placed in your recycle cart)
  • Tires (including bicycle tires) 
  • Car parts (bumpers, car doors, etc.)
  • Construction, demolition, and/or remodeling debris, including but not limited to toilets, sinks, mirrors, windows, flooring, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops, etc. 
  • Windows, shower doors, table tops, or mirrors 
  • Tree limbs larger than 5 feet long or 6 inches in diameter
  • Tree stumps
  • Loose leaves
  • Contractor materials (sheetrock, concrete, brick, pallets, stone, etc.)
  • Treated lumber or wood 

Don't Want to Wait?

If you have an item you wish to get rid of, you can also take it to a drop off site



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