Annual Wellness Assessment (AWA)

2024 Annual Wellness Assessment (AWA) Program

Program ends July 31

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2024 Annual Wellness Assessment Program 

The City’s 2024 Annual Wellness Assessment (AWA) is launching to help you redefine your health goals for the new year. The program starts January and runs until July 31. The program promotes awareness of all aspects of wellness, including physical, emotional, financial, social, occupational, and spiritual wellness. This year, we are also providing additional wellness content requested by our employees in last year's Benefits and Wellness survey. You will notice a robust calendar of events to allow you to complete activities that are of most interest to you in addition to completing your requirements for a premium discount through the AWA.

*You must complete the following wellness requirements to earn your health insurance premium discount for 2025 and gain valuable health information. 

3 Components of AWA Program

The AWA program consists of three components:

  1. Biometric Screening (Onsite or physical with your primary care provider)
    1. Onsite
      1. Appointments for onsite biometric screenings are available. You can visit to schedule your appointment at an onsite city location. 
    2. Primary Care Provider
      1. If you completed a physical with your healthcare provider between 8/1/23 - 7/31/24, download the 2024 Biometric Screening Verified Form from Virgin Pulse and have your provider fill it out. 
      2. Once completed with the required metrics and signatures, submit the biometric screening verified form through your Virgin Pulse platform. While in your Virgin Pulse account, upload the form by clicking on the Support button and select Send a Form.
    3. More info on Biometric Screening.
  2. Online Nicotine-free Agreement
    1. All eligible employees, retirees, and covered spouses will need to certify that they are currently nicotine-free and will remain nicotine-free throughout the year. 
    2. If you are NOT nicotine-free, but want to quit, then you will need to complete a being tobacco-free journey.
    3. Confirm that nicotine-free agreement is complete by clicking on your “Rewards” tab. Scroll down to the Tobacco-Free section and click on “Complete the Nicotine-Free Agreement” or “Complete a Tobacco Journey”.
    4. More info on Nicotine-free Agreement.
  3. Online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Questionnaire
    1. This health check will assess your current lifestyle choices and provide ideas for healthy changes.
    2. Log into your account at: The HRA is available on the home page or hover over the “Health” tab at the top. Click on “Surveys” to get started on your Health Risk Assessment. Go through the questions until you receive your results “score.”
    3. More info on Health Risk Assessment.

*Spouses covered under the City’s medical insurance must also complete all wellness requirements.

For additional information, please refer to the Annual Wellness Assessment 2024 FAQ.

Verify Completion

To view the completion status of your AWA components: 

Go to the “Home” tab and click on “Rewards” to view the completion status of your AWA components and to complete your Nicotine-Free Agreement or Tobacco Journey before the July 31 deadline. 

Contact for Virgin Pulse

Human Resources is partnering with Virgin Pulse to administer the AWA program. You can contact Virgin Pulse customer support at 888-671-9395 or access a representative through chat or by emailing Virgin Pulse support.

AWA Communication

Here’s how we are communicating with employees and retirees about the 2024 Annual Wellness Assessment program:

  • Mailing to all employee and retiree home addresses: Look for your information packet from the City’s Human Resources Department with step-by-step instructions on how to be AWA-compliant. Recipients will receive their packets early spring.
  • Quarterly enrollment and engagement email reminders from Virgin Pulse: These emails will only go out to members who are not enrolled already or engaged in the platform to participate in the AWA and wellness programs.
  • Automated text messages and emails from the Human Resources Department: These are planned to go out to all active and retired employees enrolled in the City’s health plan with reminders about completing the AWA process to realize savings in health care premiums.
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