Report Street, Streetlight, And Sidewalk Problems

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Street Damage and Potholes Clogged Storm Drains Damaged Sidewalks and Curbs Damaged or Missing Street Signs Traffic Signals / Stoplights Streetlight Outages

The Transportation Department administers the maintenance of most public roadways and sidewalks within the Raleigh City limits. To report a problem or request repairs to streets, sidewalks, storm drains, street signs, traffic signals or street lights, please select the appropriate option below.

You can also request street or sidewalk improvements.

Street Damage and Potholes

To report damaged streets or potholes on City right-of-way, contact Transportation Field Services:

To determine if a street is maintained by the City, visit the Interactive Street Maintenance Map.

Clogged Storm Drains

To report clogged storm drains on city right of way, contact Transportation Field Services:

Damaged Sidewalks and Curbs

To report damaged or broken sidewalks on city right of way, contact Transportation Field Services:

For curb repairs, email Martin Otoya at

Damaged or Missing Street Signs

To report missing or damaged street signs along city right of way, contact the Transportation Operations Sign Shop:

Traffic Signals / Stoplights

To report City of Raleigh issues with traffic signals and stoplights, contact the Traffic Control Center:

Streetlight Outages

Streetlights in the public right of way are maintained by local power utilities. To report an outage, please contact the utility that serves your area:

Learn More about Streetlight Outages