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MyRaleigh Subscribers may select to receive free email or text message notifications about a variety of City topics. The 100+ topics cover a wide range of information types, such as:

alerts | newsletters | meeting agendas | news release | event information
crime alerts | project updates | service notices | recreation information

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How to Sign Up

  1. Visit "MyRaleigh Subscriptions" to sign up. Sign up opportunities are available across many of our web pages.

  2. Sign up using one of the following methods: email address, wireless number for text messages, Facebook account, Google account, Yahoo account

    If you wish to have an email subscription and a wireless subscription, just sign up twice, once with your email and once with your wireless number.

  3. Select Your Subscriptions and Preferences

  4. Receive Confirmation Email  - you will be notified of successful sign up by way of the subscription method (email, text message, etc).

How to Manage Email Preferences

  1. To manage your preferences and account or to unsubscribe from topics, go to MyRaleigh Subscriptions or select the Manage Subscription link at the bottom of a City of Raleigh email.
  2. Enter the information you used to create the account (email, wireless number, or social media account).
  3. For topics in which you no longer wish to receive emails, deselect the box next to that topic.
  4. When you are finished deselecting or selecting topics, choose the submit button.

Privacy Policy

All electronic communications with the City of Raleigh are subject to the requirements of North Carolina public records law. While it is the policy of the City of Raleigh to not provide copies of electronic mail lists of individual subscribers, state law classifies these lists as public records and the City must make them available for inspection upon request.