an event on Fayetteville Street

Site Plan Resources

Detailed site plans are required for all special event permit applications. While site plans are not required to be professionally drawn, they must be legible, close to scale, and provide sufficient detail to convey what your event will look like. Screen shots of a map with no additional details provided are not accepted.

The following is a list of minimum requirements that your site plan should meet:

Property Overview:

  • Show locations of fire lanes, streets, alleys, and fencing
    • Fencing or barricades must indicate locations of exits and gates
  • Show the footprint of all buildings and structures, location of building exits, exit pathways and sidewalks

Provide a Key That Indicates:

  • A directional compass indicating north as a reference
  • All areas being used for the event
  • Street names
  • Special notes applicable to the event

Provide Details of the Layout:

  • Location of tents and temporary structures including dimensions
  • Food trucks, vendors, and merchandise areas
  • Location and size of any stages
  • First Aid Stations
  • Public toilets, trash receptacles, and dumpsters
  • Water sources
  • Generators, safety perimeters, and fire extinguishers
  • Any other specific details of the layout for the event

Site Plan Map Examples

Review maps