Do Not Remove, Tamper With, or Obstruct a Water Meter

Criminal charges and civil penalties may be the result

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Tampering with a Water Meter Obstructing a Water Meter WARNING - Tampering is a Criminal Offense

Water meters are the property of the City of Raleigh.  Removing or tampering with a water meter can result in a $500 Civil Penalty and Criminal Charges. 

Obstructing a water meter can result in Civil Penalties of $500 per day.

Tampering with a Water Meter

Per North Carolina General Statute 14-151.1, it is illegal for any unauthorized person (including a licensed plumber) to alter, tamper with, relocate, willfully damage, or bypass a water meter. It is illegal for any person (including a licensed plumber) other than a Raleigh Water employee to reconnect a water meter after Raleigh Water personnel have disconnected it.

City of Raleigh Ordinances 1985-543; 1999-658 " shall be unlawful for any person to remove, damage, or interfere with any water or sewer pipes belonging to the City...."

Obstructing a Water Meter

Raleigh Water personnel must have access to water meters to properly maintain water and sewer services and to ensure accurate billing.

The utility customer is responsible to trim, cut back, and remove any bushes, trees, plants, sod, landscaping, etc. that may cover or obstruct access to a water meter.

It is a violation to cover or obstruct access to a water meter. Failure to maintain accessibility to the water meter could result in civil fines of $500 a day for noncompliance.

WARNING - Tampering is a Criminal Offense

Meter Tampering is subject to criminal charges. Any person violating these provisions may be found guilty of a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

Whomever is found guilty in civil action of violating these provisions shall be liable to the City of Raleigh in triple the amount of losses and damages sustained or $500, whichever is greater.

The fact that water is turned on to any premises by an occupant thereof without the approval of Raleigh Water personnel shall not relieve such premises of liability for the unauthorized use of water and damage to City of Raleigh property.

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