A City of Raleigh solar-powered electric vehicle charging station

Powering Electric Vehicles with Solar at City Parks

Did you know? The City of Raleigh is making it possible to charge electric vehicles with solar energy!

The first two locations where you will find the City’s new solar electric vehicle (EV) chargers soaking up the sun are at Anderson Point Park and Brier Creek Park. The chargers will occasionally be moved around the city so people in different areas can try them out! The public can use these chargers during park hours.

The solar powered EV chargers can be placed in areas of the city that currently do not have EV charging infrastructure. This reduces the need for expensive electrical site work and helps the City better understand where to prioritize installing permanent future EV charging.  

Benefits of Solar-Powered Chargers

Increasing clean energy and making EV charging accessible in Raleigh are high-impact strategies in Raleigh’s Community Climate Action Plan. The plan aims to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) 80 percent by 2050, address equity, and build community resilience to the impacts of climate change. Transportation and energy use are the top source of greenhouse gas emissions in Raleigh, so efforts to make our vehicles and energy sources more sustainable matter! 

Solar-powered EV chargers contribute to a sustainable community in several ways. The solar chargers can serve as a power source during emergencies and severe weather events. Solar is a renewable form of energy that also helps us reduce GHG emissions. Powering EVs with solar can help people drive around the city with a much smaller environmental impact than a gas-powered vehicle. The solar charger also provides shade for your vehicle which reduces your air conditioning needs on a hot summer day! Increasing EV charging access in the community can make owning an EV more accessible for all Raleigh residents. Everyone in Raleigh should have access to clean transportation options, and EVs can save you money in the long run.

Remember: the weather impacts charging speed. It may take longer to charge your EV when it is particularly cold or hot.  

Raleigh purchased two chargers by using federal funds made available through the American Rescue Plan, also known as ARPA. Additionally, the City was awarded one solar charger from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant. The City is in the process of procuring this third charger. The location is still being determined and may be used specifically for City EV vehicles. 

City's Solar-Powered EV Chargers Help Motorists

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