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Types of Projects Application and Timeline Requirements

What are Volunteer Raleigh Enrichment Funds?

Volunteer Raleigh Enrichment Funds support projects designed by non-profit and community-based organizations to enhance the volunteer experience within an organization. Applicants are encouraged to develop proposals that make the most of resources and strengthen volunteer recruitment, recognition and retention through creative, engaging programs and projects. 

Types of Projects

Organizations with a 501(c)(3) status are invited to apply for one of seven $1,000 awards through the Volunteer Raleigh Enrichment fund from the City of Raleigh for projects that enhance and strengthen volunteer services.

The City provides this funding to encourage volunteerism across our City and surrounding communities. The funds enable organizations to carry out projects that they have initiated to support volunteers who serve in a variety of settings, including community outreach, social justice, education and youth, food security, economic impact, animal services, and environmental impact.

These four types of projects are eligible for Volunteer Raleigh Enrichment Funds:

Volunteer Recognition
To create opportunities or events to show volunteer appreciation.
Examples: Service awards, volunteer welcome gifts, food truck celebration

Volunteer Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
To diversify and expand volunteerism in under-represented communities.
Examples: Neighborhood volunteer drives, targeted ads, DEI training for staff

Volunteer Digital Storytelling
To create opportunities to share volunteer stories through a digital format.
Examples: Professional services for video production, equipment

Volunteer Supplies/Resources
To support volunteerism through the purchase of materials needed to complete volunteer work.
Examples: Purchase materials needed to make or create service projects

Application and Timeline

To apply, please complete the online form(Application is available only during the open application period as listed below)

April 15Application available online 
April 30 by 5pmApplication deadline
May 13 to May 17Committee meets to determine allocations
May 20Award notification
TBDFunds available 


Project must:

  • Provide a volunteer benefit and be free and accessible to program volunteers and potential volunteers.
  • Emphasize services and should be carried out with volunteerism in mind.
  • Demonstrate community involvement.
  • Occur within the Raleigh City Limits.

Organization Eligibility:

  • Must have 501(c)(3) status and be registered as a City of Raleigh vendor with an active Volunteer Raleigh Memorandum of Understanding. If you are not registered yet, email volunteer.raleigh@raleighnc.gov for assistance.
  • An organization may receive funding for one project per year.
  • An organization's chair, president, or organizing leader must sign an agreement indicating that if Volunteer Raleigh Enrichment Funds are misused, the funds will be repaid to the City of Raleigh or the group will forfeit its right to submit future funding requests.
  • An organization must submit a brief report and photos to the Volunteer Services Unit of Housing and Neighborhoods on the project's success for inclusion in the Volunteer Raleigh newsletter.



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