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Each year, about 13 million people visit Raleigh and an average of 64 people move here daily. This makes sense since we’ve been recognized as one of the best cities to start a career and best places to retire. So, should you consider joining the group that serves us all: the City of Raleigh? 

For starters, we’re one of the largest employers in the area, employing almost 7,000 of the area’s most diverse, skilled, and service-minded talent. And besides traditional benefits, such as health and dental insurance, the City offers many other programs and options that can enrich employees’ lives and that of their families, from education and wellness to lifestyle benefits. Take a closer look at some of our offerings!

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The City of Raleigh offers employees various educational advancement options. Our motto is “LEARNING together, GROWING together and STAYING together” which reflects our commitment to upskilling our workforce and teaching leadership at every level. Learning opportunities can offer:

  • Job enrichment
  • Enhanced performance and effectiveness in your career
  • Professional and leadership development
  • Certifications for job-specific training

These choices allow you the chance to make your career what you want it to be and to be the best at it!

We also offer a tuition assistance program, which aids employees in improving job skills or advancing work knowledge as a professional goal. You can receive tuition assistance in attending accredited colleges and universities that allow you to pursue higher education and design your career path individually.

Family Benefits

The City of Raleigh offers benefits to your family to improve not only your work life, but also your personal life. The city offers FitPass, which gives you and your spouse access to select Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resource fitness centers at our community centers throughout Raleigh. We also provide discounts on gym memberships and discount YMCA memberships.

The City offers membership in the Local Government Federal Credit Union to help you manage your financial matters. This benefit extends to your immediate family members, too. The credit union offers regular accounts such as checking and savings, credit cards, and home and vehicle loans that you can adapt to your specific needs. Credit union memberships offer more personalized service than what many other financial institutions provide.

We offer free bus passes for GoRaleigh and GoTriangle to aid your commute and provide you alternative transportation. The City also offers the Occasional Parking Program to provide parking for those who usually walk, carpool, bike, etc. to and from work.

Emergency rides are available in instances of illness or crisis, while the City’s Safety Ambassadors program enables you to have a buddy to walk you to your car or bus stop to keep you safe. 

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Health and Wellness

The City offers a comprehensive program to assist our current employees and retirees in achieving a healthy lifestyle through education, lifestyle choices, preventive health screenings and health care information. 

Here are a few key benefits we offer:

  • Employee Health Center, which is staffed with registered nurses
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield health management solutions
  • Annual biometric screenings, and heart and vascular screenings
  • Smoking cessation and nutritional programs (Weight Watchers, nutritional consultations, and monthly recipes and tips)
  • Monthly lunch-and-learn sessions, wellness presentations, a benefits fair and blood mobile and mobile mammogram visits
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Intangible: Service to Others

As you can see, the City of Raleigh has a lot to offer to employees. In addition to the opportunity to build your career and continue your professional growth, you will have excellent resources to enhance your life and your family’s life in general.

Also, one benefit many of our employees mention doesn’t come in monetary form. It comes from the purpose you’ll find in service to others. There’s a special sense of pride and joy that comes when your work serves to enhance the lives of others in your community. To work for the City of Raleigh is to share a passion for public service. 

“This is a job that, when done right, actually makes people’s lives better,” says Communications Analyst David Blount, when asked what he’d like for people to know about working for the City. “You’re not selling a product. You’re enabling people to live their best lives. It integrates you into the deepest fabric of people’s lives. We impact people’s safety and health. We are the foundation on which the community rests. That isn’t power; it’s a very special privilege.” 

Come be a part of the City of Raleigh – work here, stay here, and enjoy the benefits of being part of a great community!

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*Benefits vary based on the type of position (regular full-time employees, regular part-time employees, first responders, temporary employees, seasonal employees, interns, etc.).

**Not all positions are able to have a hybrid work schedule. Hybrid schedules are based upon type of work being performed and needs of the organization.