Newspaper clipping from June of 1997 that covered the Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program

Newspaper clipping from June 1997 covering the Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program

Where Are They Now? Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program Alumni

Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program is celebrating 40 years!

The City of Raleigh is proud to be celebrating 40 years of the Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program. The program provides valuable work experience and skill development for Raleigh youth ages 15 to 18. 

Several program alumni have continued their careers with the City of Raleigh. Learn more about their experience with RSYEP and where they are today below!

RSYEP Alumni

Headshot of Mayor Pro Tem Branch

Corey Branch - Mayor Pro Tem & District C City Council Member 

"The Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program was my first job and was vital in me learning the importance of being responsible and treating every person with respect."

Headshot of Christopher Burwell

Chris Burwell Sr. - Director, Biltmore Hills Community Center

"RSYEP provided a great work foundation during the most formative years of my life. This program set the tone for what would eventually become an enjoyable career in Parks & Recreation. It provided opportunities that a 14-year-old would otherwise not have. I couldn't have asked for a better first job! I learned everything from interview skills and filling out timesheets, to programming for Youth Summer Camps. Those lessons helped me become the professional that I am today! I rose from a RYSEP Junior Counselor at Biltmore Hills Community Center in 2005, to the Director of Biltmore Hills Community Center 23 years later. It's truly a full-circle moment."

Headshot of Bryce Dunn

Bryce Dunn - Deputy City Clerk, Clerk's Office

"The RSYEP ended up becoming a very pivotal time in my life where I created relationships that I still value to this day. The City of Raleigh is the only job I’ve ever had, and it’s amazing to look back and realize that 15 years have gone by since that time. As a native of Raleigh, I’m proud to know that the RSYEP has helped to improve skills for so many youth."

Headshot of Carmen Myles

Carmen Myles - Teen Program Manager, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

"The Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program exposed me to my passion, career of working with youth, mentors, and valuable lifelong friendships. The RSYEP program is a big part of who I am today and I am forever grateful for the experience at such a young age."

Kaylah Nance - Marketing Communications Analyst, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources 

"As a 14-year-old RSYEP at Green Road Community Center in 1998 working alongside Jane Bailey’s all-star team, I was unable to see how that experience would grow strong friendships, work ethic, and appreciation for my community. Today, I am overly appreciative of the snowball effect that RSYEP created in my life."

Headshot of Joshlyne Privette

Joshlyne Privette - Permitting Advocate, Planning and Development

"My experience with the RSYEP was remarkable as I gained valuable work skills. An aspect of the program that I hold true, is that it instilled a strong work ethic for me, even at a young age that I’ll always cherish forever"



Rebekah Dixon
Youth Employment Program Manager

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Housing and Neighborhoods
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