group at the CCC event

City Launches Community Cares Collaborative

Network building opportunity for organizations in Raleigh

Last week, the Neighborhood Enrichment Services Volunteer Raleigh Unit launched a Community Cares Collaborative in partnership with StepUp Ministry. Over 40 attendees joined the launch event, representing organizations that provide financial services, educational support, affordable housing, healthcare assistance, and child care.  

The Community Care Collaborative is a network of organizations, offering networking and opportunities to connect with fellow organizations. Members of the collaborative are passionate about improving the quality of life for community members regardless of need and have increased access to knowledge of programs and services available through non-profit, government, and private sector organizations. Through building strong relationships among organizations that provide a spectrum of support, the collaborative aims to simplify the process for individuals to obtain information and access services.  

The City of Raleigh and StepUp Ministry are proud to celebrate our non-profits, community organizations, and local businesses that contribute to our economy.  

Interested in joining the Collaborative? There is a great need for more organizations to participate to ensure that the breadth and scope of community-focused work in our community is represented. For information on how to join, email



Tara Waters

Lead Department:
Housing and Neighborhoods
Service Categories:
Neighborhood Enrichment