Light streams out of a white box with cut outs casting shadows on the ground

Play with Shadows at New Dix Park Installation

A SEEK Raleigh project by Oliver Lewis with support from Raleigh Arts, Dix Park, and Dix Park Conservancy

Visit Dix Park in the early evening from July 24 through August 28 (now extended through September 7) to interact with Tessellate, an immersive installation with light and shadow by artist Oliver Lewis.  Animate the shadows by spinning dials on sculptures and bringing to life a 1000-square-foot artwork.  This installation is free, and people of all ages are encouraged to participate in this stunning merger between art and science.

Event Details

  • When: July 24 - August 28, 2023 (extended through September 7). Best viewed in the early evening.
  • Location: Dorothea Dix Park (Dix Park). The grove of trees beside Flowers Cottage. 2105 Umstead Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603
  • Cost: Free and open to the public

Accessibility Accommodations

Dix Park continues to strive to be accessible and welcoming for visitors, including those with disabilities. Learn more about accessibility at Dix Park.

About the Artist

Oliver Lewis utilizes cutting-edge science and engineering tools to inform his creative process.  He uses a multidisciplinary skillset around digital technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, robotics, and traditional art forms that engages the viewer to explore science and mathematics visually.  His current work combines sculpture with artificial or natural lighting to create large-scale immersive installations that use shadows as the primary visual medium.  Oliver Studied chemical engineering at Penn State University and is a self-taught artist with work exhibited nationally.

About SEEK Raleigh

SEEK Raleigh is an experimental public art program by Raleigh Arts that engages the community through public art in City of Raleigh Parks, greenways, and/or community spaces. The program provides an opportunity for artists to introduce the public to new, unusual, and thought-provoking experiences through temporary public art.

Learn more and apply to the SEEK Raleigh artist call

About Dix Park & Dix Park Conservancy

As a community, we’re visionaries, thinkers, doers, creators, and listeners dedicated to this bold idea to revolutionize the land of Dix Hill to be a place that inspires awe. We relish playing and relaxing in equal measure. We also behold the power of open, green spaces and the stories of the land.

The City of Raleigh owns and operates Dorothea Dix Park (Dix Park). Dix Park Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that exists to support the City in its efforts, serve as its philanthropic and community engagement partner, and ensure the creation and long-term success of Dix Park as a place for everyone – a transformative public space for community, health, and celebration that will enrich our quality of life in North Carolina.

About Raleigh Arts

Raleigh Arts, a part of the City of Raleigh’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, fosters and promotes the arts in Raleigh by administering the programs of the Raleigh Arts Commission and the Public Art and Design Board and supporting the Pullen and Sertoma Arts Centers.


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