Artwork by Molly Chopin on a news kiosk in downtown Raleigh

New Artwork Along Fayetteville Street

A temporary public art project

The City of Raleigh has installed four more Fayetteville Street kiosk artworks. The selected artists are Leslie Bartlebaugh, Molly Chopin, Christopher Williams, and Jessica Wood.

This project began in 2021 with an artist call to display original artwork on vacant newspaper kiosks that are located along Fayetteville Street. The artwork displays are a program of the City of Raleigh Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Office of Special Events and Raleigh Arts.

In addition to the four new artists, participating artists include Sampada Kodagali Agarwal, Sydney Baldwin, Jane Cheek, Mayanthi Jayawardena, Tim Lee, Suijin Li, Shamica Phillips, JP Jermaine Powell, and Wendy Spitzer.

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The Nest


Leslie Bartlebaugh

This piece illustrates native birds circled around a sprawling nest and focuses on the connections with chosen family and creation of home.

Reverence for Emergence

Molly Chopin

Have you ever experienced a miracle that brought you to your knees with relief, and made you take a moment to gaze up at the sky in wonder? fiReverence For Emergencefl is a vision inspired by one of these moments and the personal transformation that inevitably emerges afterwards.



Christopher Williams

For this project, an illustration of someone falling through time was conceived, with a sense of motion as the character splits into many versions of themselves. At any moment of any day, you are presented with options as to where you'll head next, and all can exist within your head.



Jessica Wood

Living across the road from her grandmother, Jessica Wood would run barefoot through lush grass and fresh air to sit, talk, eat, and gaze at flowers with her. Being inspired by her grandmother and her flower garden, she now paints flowers to brighten the lives of those around her. Combining different mediums, Jessica creates vibrant, colorful paintings from her imagination that draw from past experiences and memories.

Beauty in Nature


Sampada Kodagali Agarwal

This work of art is based on a flamboyant and colorful traditional style of folk art from India called Mithila or Likhiya art. It originated in the Madhubani region that straddles the state of Bihar in India and parts of Nepal. It is practiced primarily by women and passed down generations from mothers to daughters. Its hallmark is vibrant, busy, yet aesthetically pleasing compositions. Nature is one of the favorite themes in Mithila art and fish feature quite prominently in this style of art since they indicate new beginnings and are a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Fish also symbolize wealth and abundance as their existence implies that all elements of nature are in harmony, and hence there is prosperity.

Rainbow Pride Heart


Sydney Baldwin

This design means so much to me, with the inspiration behind it being the LGBTQ+ community, and the coincidental timing of completing it during the month of June. While June is pride month, pride is truly year-round, therefore, I am incredibly glad that my design can be displayed for everyone to see here for as long as it will be. I hope seeing this design can serve as a little token of happiness to everyone, those apart of the LGBTQ+ community, those who are allies, those who are openly out, those who are not, those who label themselves, and those who do not, I hope you can smile when you see this! :)

Raleigh Landmarks


Jane Cheek

From downtown, to museums, to parks - there’s a lot to love about Raleigh, North Carolina. These illustrations of a few of my favorite spots in Raleigh celebrate the city I call home.

Just for Kicks


Mayanthi Jayawardena, Serendib Creative

A good pair of shoes can take you anywhere. A great pair of shoes can make you unstoppable.

Rabbit Perched Raleigh


Tim Lee

His happy place. Hanzo is taking a moment to relax amidst the flora on his own fantastical journey through the gentle woods and rolling hills. This painting was inspired by my wanderings and hikes during Covid 2020. It's a personal reminder to take advantage of the time you have and enjoy the smallest parts of nature.

Modern Love


Suijin Li

Bright colors, quite simply, represent the joy and happiness that’s possible in life. #modernlove fills and surrounds our hearts with these colors. The final element of this piece is the circle which has no beginning or end and represents my wish that everyone know this joy throughout their life.

Photo Merge and Collage


Shamica Phillips

This piece was inspired by my drive to promote normalizing therapy in minority communities. Through visual arts and expression, I'm able to illustrate the beauty in the pursuit of therapy as opposed to the negative stereotypes.

Beauty and Greatness


JP Jermaine Powell

As a local artist, I am always honored to be able to create artwork for my local community. I call it a “beautiful responsibility.” I truly believe I live in one of the greatest cities in the world. So with each unique, creative opportunity, my goals are: to make it beautiful, make it great, and ultimately make you smile.

Art History In The Making. Art, Murals, and More #jermainepowell



Wendy Spitzer (aka Felix Obelix)

In response to pandemic isolation, I began a project in January 2021 in which I spent one hour on a daily walk talking to someone on the phone. After each walk, I tracked data about the experience and made a small art piece based on the conversation. This piece is the art response from my walk & chat on June 11, 2021.



Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director, Raleigh Arts

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