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iMaps Sustainable Raleigh Map

The City of Raleigh GIS is pleased to provide the following online mapping applications for your use.


Raleigh GIS and Wake County GIS developed the Internet Multi-Access Parcel System (iMAPS) in order to provide the general public with easy access to the City and County geographic and attribute databases.  Users can query data by owner name, address, place of interest or intersection and retrieve a variety of maps and property information.  Easy to understand help pages and videos are available so manipulating iMAPS is easy to do.

NEW: Update Modernizes iMAPS

The City of Raleigh and Wake County GIS departments have updated the iMAPS application. This update modernizes the iMAPS platform and provides new tools such as a legend on the PDF map and group layers. We switched to the new version of the application in early October 2021. (This means the new iMAPS is now the default version.) The old version is scheduled to be retired on Oct. 20, 2021. To learn more about enhancement, visit this iMAPS page.

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Sustainable Raleigh Map

The Sustainable Raleigh Map was created to highlight the numerous initiatives related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental conservation, and sustainability throughout the City. Projects include electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations, green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and many others.  The Sustainable Raleigh Map was developed by Raleigh GIS in partnership with the Office of Sustainability.

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