Appearance Commission

Effective March 5, 2019, please view Appearance Commission Agendas and Minutes using the new system.


1st & 3rd Thursday of each month
4:30 p.m.
Meeting Dates and Deadlines
Current Agenda - January 16, 2020


Raleigh Municipal Building
Room 201
222 West Hargett Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Meeting Minutes


Public Participation

Commission and committee meetings are open to the public. Note that meetings can be subject to change, following public notice of at least 48 hours.

If you can't attend the meeting in person, feel free to watch the recorded Appearance Commission Meetings (look under Other Government Meetings).


The Appearance Commission was established by City Council in 1973 to provide guidance, advice and recommendations regarding the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the City of Raleigh. The commission consists of 15 members, the majority of whom have special training or experience in architecture, landscape architecture, horticulture, city planning, or related design fields.

The Commission also appoints standing committees to undertake special design-related outreach and education efforts such as the Sir Walter Raleigh Awards.


  • Brandy Thompson
    1100 Filmore Street
    Raleigh, NC27605
    Serving: Third Term 7-6-20
  • Corey Bates
    2309 Ridge Road
    Raleigh, NC27612
    Serving: First Term 12-5-19
  • Rolf Blizzard III
    7710 Glendower Road
    Raleigh, NC27613
    Serving: Third Term 10-17-19
  • William Dodge
    2409 Rockridge Court
    Raleigh, NC27612
    Serving: First Term 6-18-21
  • Martha Eberle
    2312 Euston Street
    Raleigh, NC27610
    Serving: First Term 5-20-20
  • Jamie Ferguson
    1405 Ashburton Road
    Raleigh, NC27606
    Serving: Third Term 3-5-21
  • Katherine Hogan
    319 Fayetteville Street, Unit 305
    Raleigh, NC27601
    Serving: First Term 11-6-19
  • Cari Jones
    503 Yarmouth Road
    Raleigh, NC27608
    Serving: Third Term 7-21-19
  • John Aiken Koonce
    2312 Coley Forest Place
    Raleigh, NC27612
    Serving: Third Term 1-21-20
  • Jake Levitas
    2513 Remington Road
    Raleigh, NC27610
    Serving: First Term 2-6-20
  • CJ Mann
    1517 Rodessa Run
    Raleigh, NC27617
    Serving: First Term 5-1-20
  • Chad Parker
    4007 Brownstone Court
    Raleigh, NC27609
    Serving: First Term 6-6-19
  • Bernard Thaxton
    2313 Fox Hill Circle
    Raleigh, NC27610
    Serving: Second Term 7-21-21
  • Adam Walters
    621 Kirby Street
    Raleigh, NC27606
    Serving: First Term 4-2-21

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