Stormwater Management Plan

Used to Meet Regulatory Requirements

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We use the Stormwater Management Plan to ensure that we are meeting state and federal requirements. As a stormwater utility, we are required to follow rules set by a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. 

This permit requires that we follow processes and practices to protect waterways in Raleigh. The goal is to limit pollution (i.e. bacteria) from reaching bodies of water. 

5-year Updates

We update the plan every five years to make sure we are: 

  • Effectively managing stormwater runoff to protect creeks and streams; and, 
  • Keeping North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (and the public) aware of our efforts and progress.

View the draft plan

Recent Changes

We recently updated the plan. It focuses on pollution prevention, monitoring, maintenance, education, and reporting.

Pollution Prevention 

Monitoring and Maintenance 


We're also required to educate the public about preventing water pollution. This includes helping people understand where stormwater flows in the city. We also teach people about the best ways to avoid polluting local streams.


We report our work each year to North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

Public Comment Period

The comment period ended Feb. 5, 2021. View the comment form

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Stormwater Quality Supervisor 

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