Final Ballot Results

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Final Ballot Process Group 1 Streets Group 2 Streets

Final Ballot Process

City of Raleigh staff has been working with your neighborhood throughout 2021 to create a traffic calming design for your street that will address the specific needs of your unique street.

We are at the final step of the process where we are asking the question “Do you want this project built”.  Please make sure you cast your ballot to ensure that your voice is heard!

A successful ballot means that we have received:

  • On-street:
    • Participation minimum: 50%
    • Approval rating minimum: 70%
  • Neighborhood:
    • Participation minimum: 25%
    • Approval rating minimum: 60%

Group 1 Streets

Results will be posted on November 16, 2021

Bart Street: from Rock Quarry Road to S. Pettigrew Street

Cane Garden Drive: from Battle Bridge Road to the end

Dacian Road: from Peyton Street to the end

Glenbrook Drive: from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Belmont Drive

King William Road: from New Bern Avenue to Donald Ross Drive

Lineberry Drive: from Trailwood Drive to Joanne Drive

Lyndhurst Drive: from Rock Quarry Road and Keith Drive

Mapleridge Road: from Cedarwood Drive to North Bend Drive

N. State Street: from Glascock Street to Oakwood Avenue

Southwalk Lane: from Shadowlawn Drive to Falls River Avenue

Group 2 Streets

Results will be posted on November 22, 2021

Clark Avenue: from Dixie Trail to Faircloth Street

Hardimont Road: from St Alban’s Drive to Wake Forest Road

Harps Mill Road - M: from Litchford Road to Haymarket Lane

Harps Mill Road - W: from Falls of Neuse Road to Haymarket Lane

Kaplan Drive - SW: from Athens Drive to Melbourne Road

Little John Road: from Cooper Road to the end

Marshlane Way: from Quitman Trail to Mackinac Island Lane

Oakwood Avenue: from N. Elm Street to N. Raleigh Boulevard

Roanoke Park Drive: from Glenwood Avenue to Reaves Drive



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Traffic Calming Administrator

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