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Annual Wellness Assessment Program 2020

COVID-19 NOTICE: The screening events will be offered using the recommended CDC and State guidelines.

The 2020 Annual Wellness Assessment (AWA) program continues until Sept. 23, 2020 ( the deadline has been extended by one day).  

This is employees’, retirees’ and their covered spouses’ opportunity to participate and become eligible for a health insurance premium discount.

The AWA program consists of three components:

  • Nicotine-free agreement
  • Health risk assessment (HRA) questionnaire
  • Biometric screening

Employees, retirees (if applicable; please see below) and their covered spouses (if applicable) are individually required to complete all three AWA components to be eligible for the health insurance premium discount beginning Jan. 1, 2021. 

Retirees and retiree spouses enrolled in Medical Plan A must individually complete all three components of the program to be considered AWA-compliant. Retirees and retiree spouses enrolled in Medical Plan B are not required to participate in the AWA, however, they are encouraged to do so for health awareness.

The deadline to complete your components has been extended by one day to Sept. 23, 2020.

Health Risk Assessment and Nicotine Agreement

1. Online Health Risk Assessment and
2. Nicotine-Free Agreement or Tobacco Free Journey

Create a Virgin Pulse platform account. You can use the account to complete the online health risk assessment questionnaire and online nicotine-free agreement or tobacco-free “journey” offered by Virgin Pulse through the platform. 

Instructions to help navigate your portal

NOTE: You must complete both components 1 and 2 before attending a scheduled biometric screening appointment.

Biometric Screening

City-Offered Event Option:

Schedule your appointment for a biometric health screening. This is a check-in on important health indicators such as blood pressure and cholesterol. The City is scheduled to provide on-site biometric screenings between Aug. 4 and Sept 23.

Screening schedule and appointment

  • You must make an appointment in order to attend one of the City’s on-site biometric screening session.
  • We've added an additional screening make up date for Sept. 23, 2020 from 7 a.m. to noon at the Pullen Park Community Center. 

Primary Care Provider Option:

If you choose to have your screening done by your primary care provider, print out the Biometric Screening Verified form located on the “Programs” page of your Virgin Pulse account. Your healthcare provider must complete the entire form. You are responsible for submitting the completed and signed (by you and your health care provider) form to Virgin Pulse using one of the following:

  • Fax: 508-302-0055
  • Online portal using “Support” feature to submit your form

AWA Communication

Here’s how we are communicating with employees and retirees about the 2020 Annual Wellness Assessment program:

  • Mailing to all employee and retiree home addresses: Look for your information packet from the City’s Human Resources Department with step-by-step instructions on how to be AWA-compliant. Recipient’s will receive their packets this summer.
  • Quarterly enrollment and engagement email reminders from Virgin Pulse: These emails will only go out to members who are not enrolled already or engaged in the platform to participate in the AWA and wellness programs.
  • Automated phone calls from the Human Resources Department: These are planned to go out to all active and retired employees enrolled in the City’s health plan with reminders about completing the AWA process to realize savings in health care premiums.


Human Resources is partnering with Virgin Pulse to administer the AWA program. You can contact Virgin Pulse customer support at 888-671-9395. You can also access a representative through Live Chat or the once you log in to your account. Or call the City of Raleigh Human Resources at 919-996-3315. 



Human Resources 

Human Resources