South Saunders Street

New Traffic Signal at Prospect Avenue and S Saunders Street

A new traffic signal at the Intersection of Prospect Avenue and S Saunders Street is up and running! This intersection has seen some bad crashes before the signal was installed, making it dangerous to turn onto Prospect Avenue.

15 Crashes resulted in injuries here over five years, including a pedestrian who was hit crossing S Saunders Street

The new signal includes a crosswalk and gives residents a safe way to cross S Saunders Street on foot and in a vehicle. Raleigh’s Vision Zero Team partnered with NCDOT to identify this problem and deliver a solution. This project was funded through NCDOT’s Spot Safety program, and was designed and built by NCDOT.



Sean Driskill,P.E
Vision Zero Manager

Lead Department:
Service Categories:
Mobility Strategy and Infrastructure