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Engage With Wake Bus Rapid Transit this Fall

Participate in the BRT Project Connect

City staff invite you to attend a number of virtual and in-person events this fall to share all the exciting things happening to support Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Visit the BRT Project Connect webpage for engagement opportunities, corridor updates, and a survey to help us plan the Northern BRT route.

These meetings and events will give residents and those who work and play in Raleigh an opportunity to: 

  • Ask questions and talk with planners about the BRT project;
  • Help plan the Northern BRT route; and,
  • Learn about station area planning (what gets built around a transit station). 

What is BRT?

In Nov. 2016, Wake County voters approved a plan for focused investment in public transit which put the implementation of the Wake County Transit Plan in motion. The plan calls for building approximately 20 miles of transit lanes along four BRT corridors within Wake County. BRT will bring fast, safe and reliable transit to Raleigh and the surrounding areas.  

Read more about the benefits of BRT.  



Andrea Epstein
Community Relations Analyst, Sr.

Lead Department:
TransportationCommunity Engagement