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City Removes Payment Options from 14 Bikeshare Stations

The City’s bikeshare operator, Corps Logistics, LLC, will remove and disable the credit card, debit card, and cash payment options from Cardinal Bikeshare’s fourteen (14) bikeshare kiosks due to equipment malfunction beyond repair. The City has a total of 31 bikeshare stations, but only 14 of the bikeshare stations are kiosk stations which include this payment option. Removal of the payment equipment from the 14 kiosk stations will take place between Monday, April 22 and Friday, April 26.

The 14 bikeshare kiosk locations are listed below and can also be found on this map by typing the station name. Cardinal Bikeshare map

Kiosk Stations

Raleigh Union Station 
North Carolina Museum of Art
Horne & Hillsborough 
Village District
Seaboard Station 
St. Augustine's University 
John Chavis Memorial Park
Dorothea Dix Park 
State Farmers Market
Fayetteville Street 
GoRaleigh Station
Shaw University 
Raleigh Municipal Building

Payment options through the Cardinal Bikeshare website and mobile application will remain available to users. The 14 kiosk panels will also remain in place as a result of the payment equipment removal. With the payment equipment being removed from the kiosks, the only functionality the kiosks will retain is the advertising space.

Since June 2023, only 1% of Cardinal Bikeshare passes have been purchased on-site at the 14 kiosk stations. Staff has additionally consulted with multiple cities who have previously used similar payment equipment at bikeshare kiosks and found that this type of equipment is being phased out of several other bikeshare programs due to similar functionality issues as well as other issues. Removal of the credit card, debit card, and cash payment options from kiosks will provide a more reliable payment experience for Cardinal Bikeshare riders.

Take Our Survey!

To understand how best to serve Cardinal Bikeshare users in Raleigh moving forward, staff is conducting a survey to understand users’ preferences for payment options. The findings of this survey will inform how the bikeshare program evolves and how the user experience can be improved.

The public survey will close on Friday, May 17.

Cardinal Bikeshare Survey



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