Lake Wheeler Corridor

Lake Wheeler Road Improvement Project Update

We Want Your Feedback on New Design Concepts

This news article is more than a year old.

We are improving Lake Wheeler Road from South Saunders Street to Maywood Avenue. In October of 2021, we held a Pre-Design Public Meeting where we revealed the basic design concepts we planned to implement. Since that meeting, we have developed a few modifications to those design concepts.

Based on feedback from the Pre-Design Touchpoint, private utility coordination, and Dix Park, the design consultant, STV Engineering, recommends some additional design considerations to the original concepts.

The additional considerations include:

  • A roundabout at the South Saunders Street and Lake Wheeler Road;
  • Making Umstead Drive right-in and right-out only; and,
  • An elongated roundabout that spans both Mercury Street and Goode Street.

We produced a short video to explain some of the concepts and how they will work.

Please view the video and then take our survey to let us know what you think.

We are collecting comments through June 1.

Lake Wheeler Improvement Project Update Video

Our design team is working on design plans for the Lake Wheeler Improvement Project. The team has developed a few new features since the October 2021 Pre-Design Meeting that we would like to get the public’s feedback on. This video explains the new features.



Brian Roth-Roffy, PE
Project Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering ServicesTransportation