Firefighters stand in front of Station 22

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Fire Station 22 Gets New Home!

The City of Raleigh has a new facility for Fire Station No. 22, at 10050 Durant Road. The station provides services to residents in north Raleigh and houses Raleigh Fire Department’s hazard material unit. During construction, the station operated out of a temporary space at the City’s water treatment plant on Falls of Neuse Road.

The new 15,750 square-foot, $9-million station houses a fire engine with four firefighters, along with an aerial ladder with four firefighters, who also serve as Hazmat technicians (with a hazmat response truck and a trailer). Fire Station 22 houses Battalion Chief 1 that serves north Raleigh district. It also has a private patient evaluation room and an exercise room, along with firefighter living quarters

Photo by Mike Legeros

Photo by Mike Legeros

Photo by Mike Legeros

Photo by Mike Legeros

Station Equipped to Help Decrease Cancer Risk

Station 22 is equipped to help the department decrease the risk of firefighter cancer; its design enables firefighters to follow a process of decontamination after responding to a call. They can transition from the “hot zone” of the call site to the “cold zone” of the station living quarters through a series of steps:

  • Firefighters remove contaminated gear at the fire scene and store them in hazmat bags.
  • Firefighters wipe off as much soot and debris as possible on site.
  • Fire apparatus diesel exhaust is captured when entering the building and vented to the exterior.
  • Firefighters bring their gear through the station’s apparatus bay straight into the decontamination room. This room has a commercial washer extractor and large cabinet dryer specially programmed to clean the gear without damaging it.
  • Firefighters go directly to the decontamination showers before entering the “cold zone”/living area of the station.         

Area residents can enter the building using a covered doorway that leads to the lobby. There, they can seek medical attention in the patient evaluation room or speak with station staff. An open-concept kitchen/dining room/dayroom opens to an adjacent patio. The station provides gender friendly separate hygiene and sleeping facilities for men and women.

Come Celebrate with Us!

Come celebrate the station with us on Saturday, Sept. 17, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. You’ll have a chance to tour the station and learn about our work and equipment.

Station History

Station 22 was built at 9350 Durant Road in 1998 on land donated by the Mallinckrodt Corporation. The station was closed in February 2019 for a planned expansion of the nearby railroad crossing and the City decided to build a new facility for the station.

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