Stormwater Facility Replacement Fund

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The City of Raleigh stormwater facility replacement fund ensures that adequate funds are available for the maintenance, repair, replacement and reconstruction of stormwater control facilities required by Chapter 9 of the Unified Development Ordinance.  

A developer must make a payment to the fund at the time of recordation of a subdivision or recombination plat or the issuance of a building permit for a lot not established by subdivision, whichever occurs first. The payment must equal 24 percent of the estimated cost of constructing all stormwater control facilities shown on applicable development plans. Stormwater control facility devices can be individual, off-site or shared devices.  In all cases, payment equal to 24 percent of the construction cost of the device is required. 

Individual device. For projects that propose compliance on an individual lot, payment is required prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Off-site or shared device. For off-site or a shared approach to meet the requirements of the stormwater regulations, payment is required at the time of lot recordation and approval of the following documents:

  1. Declaration of Maintenance Covenant and Grant of Protection Easements for Stormwater Control Facilities
  2. Declaration of City of Raleigh Code Provisions for Development with Common Elements and Common Expenses

The stormwater staff reviews infrastructure construction plans and the operations and maintenance manual during the infrastructure construction plans review process. After the staff approves the infrastructure construction plans and the manual, the preliminary plat and the two above-mentioned documents are submitted to the Development Services Customer Service Center for review.

The plan review staff must review and approve the preliminary plat and the documents before the plat is recorded at the Wake County Register of Deeds Office. The documents must be recorded within one working day of the plat recordation. Copies of the recorded documents must be provided to the Development Services Department.


Approved infrastructure construction plans when associated with an approved preliminary subdivision.

Approvals or Permits Issued

Allows issuance of a building permit or approval to record a map at the Wake County Register of Deeds Office, whichever is required first.

Submittal Requirements

Type Description
Required for Submittal

Submittal package must be sent by email. The package must include:

Expected Processing Time

Ten business days


Next Steps

Copies of all agreement documents must be returned to the Development Services Department within three business days after map and document recording. Otherwise, subdivision lots and addresses will not be entered into the City parcel management system. This will prevent the property owner or applicant from applying for any permits associated with a lot.





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