Smartphone on Hand Taking Photography of Blooming Cosmos flower

City Nature Challenge

Join us at our nature preserves and parks to identify plants, animals, insects, fungi, and any other living organisms for the worldwide City Nature Challenge using the free smartphone application, called iNaturalist. Download "iNaturalist" in the Google Play store or Apple App Store.

Raleigh Parks will have information tables at select sites to help those who would like to participate and provide support! By using the iNaturalist app to document your observations, you'll not only help Raleigh compete against other cities around the world in the Challenge, but the valuable ecological information collected will help guide local natural resources management decisions and contribute to international scientific studies.

Participating sites include: Annie Louise Wilkerson, Durant, and Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserves, Forest Ridge Park, Lake Johnson, Lake Wheeler, and Walnut Creek Wetland Park.

Dates: Friday, April 29 - Monday, May 2

Ages: All

Cost: Free



Durant Nature Preserve
8305 Camp Durant Road
Raleigh,NC 27614