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How to Request a Curbside Pickup Zone Frequently Asked Questions History

What Is a Curbside Pickup Zone?

Curbside Pickup Zones are safe, convenient locations near your favorite dining, and shopping locations for actively picking up retail goods ordered by telephone or through the Internet. Motorist can stop in these zones for a period of no more than thirty (30) minutes, so long as they are actively loading.


Glenwood South Parking District

Hillsborough Street Parking District

How to Request a Curbside Pickup Zone

Citizens can request a curbside pickup zone by contacting the Raleigh Parking office.

Phone: 919-996-3996

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though a Curbside Pickup zone may be placed in front of a specific business it does not mean that the described zone is only intended for that business. Curbside Pickup Zones are intended to be used by all adjacent businesses along each block.

Hours of Operation
Signage will be posted at each Curbside Pickup location informing motorists of the hours in affect restrictions for that area.

Is payment required to park in a Curbside Pickup Zone?
While no payment is required to park in these zones, please be mindful not to exceed the 30-minute time limit, and the requirement to actively loading or unloading.

What is the fine for violating a Curbside Pickup Zone?
The fine is $30.00 plus a late fee of $20.00 if not paid within 21 days of issuance.

What is a “Holiday” Curbside Pickup Zone?
Primarily established for retail businesses to facilitate easier access for shoppers to pick up gifts during the holiday season. These are temporary zones that have a 15 minute maximum time limit.



  • March 2020- City Council approved an amendment to City Code, which allowed Transportation staff to quickly deploy approximately 100 temporary curbside pickup zones to assist businesses and restaurants affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic during the State of Emergency.
  • Through the rest of 2020 and all of 2021 staff continues to work with local stakeholder to maintain, remove, and establish new Temporary Curbside Pickup Zones.


  • As staff’s experience with COVID 19 conditions matured staff has worked with local stakeholders and found that there will be a continued need for these zones to exist permanently into the future.
  • Staff began working with local stakeholders on where these permanent zones should exist and how these new zones work within the existing Transportation ecosystem.


  • January 2022 – City Council approved Curbside Pickup as a new permanent use of the curbspace through the city.
  • March 2022 – City Council approved the first set of new Curbside Pickup Zones to be implemented along Hillsborough Street near NC State’s Campus.
  • May 2022 – City Council approved the second set of Curbside Pickup Zones to be implemented throughout the Glenwood South Corridor.



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